1. fandango

    My civil rights have been violated!

    And they have been at just about every forum I have been at. What civil right is that? The right to speak the truth as best I can. And to debate others over the truthfulness of it. I can only do so in a very limited fashion here. For example, I started a thread called "The joy of being...
  2. Endtherepublic

    Bill of Rights Socialism

    Bill of Rights Socialism ? Communist Party USA
  3. Nwolfe35

    Right Wing Christian Rights

    How is it the Christian Conservatives say our rights are given by God (not government) and then turn around and say illegal immigrants don’t have the same rights as citizens?
  4. F

    Negative Rights v. Positive Rights

    Contrary to popular belief touchy-feely freakazoids do not own the moral high ground Be guided by my rule: Never give U.N. charity hustlers an opportunity to claim the moral high ground. Alas, the touchy-feely freaks will surely reassert their claim on this one: President Donald Trump...
  5. J

    The right's complaint about big government.

    They do want to simplify government ,right down to a dictatorship by their party. That's what they mean by smaller government. All you have to do is watch their God and leader and then watch as his whole party supports him. The right wanting to destroy our media and any watchdog that follows...
  6. N

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th

    Second Amendment Rights Rallies Scheduled Across US on April 14th https://www.concealedcarry.com/national/second-amendment-rights-rallies-scheduled-across-us-on-april-14th/
  7. H

    Hillary voters want the Bill of Rights repealed

    With democrats, reality is funnier than Jim Carey ever was https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiZFXkmofgI&t=59s
  8. S

    States rights?

    https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/01/23/some-alabama-judges-oppose-gay-marriage-so-the-state-may-eliminate-marriage-licenses Some Alabama judges oppose gay marriage — so the state may eliminate marriage licenses Due to disagreements with same-sex marriages, the Legislature in Alabama is...
  9. H

    HELP our rights were violated by a state police officer

    First, I'm new to this forum. My wife and I had our rights violated and we are looking for help. If this isn't allowed please delete it. In a nutshell we were arrested and charges were placed against us by an officer when we had done nothing wrong and now we need to try and fight the charges. We...
  10. G

    Help protect our rights. The House

    passed this and it is important. ACTION 1: Please call your United States Senators at 202-224-3121 and tell them to PASS National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity. Tell them any American who can legally carry a concealed firearm in one state should be able to do so in every other state.
  11. Hashtag

    Did Mueller’s Team Violate Manafort’s Constitutional Rights? They May Have.

    Did Mueller’s Team Violate Manafort’s Constitutional Rights? They May Have. https://lawnewz.com/high-profile/mueller-teams-apparent-mistake-could-really-really-hurt-their-case-against-manafort/
  12. handydude

    I DEMAND My Rights!

    Is this a section about civil rights or is it not. One of my recently closed down threads was called "Is racism bad?" In it I spoke of what zillions of species of birds and fish do. What they do through actions, I DEMAND the right to do the same sort of thing through words!!! I DEMAND that...
  13. D

    The Nature of Rights

    I spent a lot of hours the past few weeks in search of an answer to a question: Where do we get our Rights from? My research revealed a lot of complex answers. Where do you get YOUR Rights from?
  14. titan

    Human Rights Watch Preemptive Ban on Autonomous Weapons ? invitation to cheating?

    Human Rights Watch has prepared a Preemptive Ban on Autonomous Weapons. There are too many as yet unanswered questions. If a fully autonomous weapon (FAW) kills civilians / non-combatants, who is liable? More fundamentally: Can any State (including the U.S.) with a pretense of human...
  15. S

    Civil rights leader against homosexuality!

    Senior Member Join Date: Jan 2017 Location: Michigan Posts: 1,708 https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion...ith-a-solution That's it tear down his statue take down his street sign! OpinionHomosexualityMon Jan 19, 2015 - 12:47 pm EST What Martin Luther King actually thought...
  16. F

    My civil rights were violated. What next?

    In a nut shell the Kent, Washington PD and prosecutors office violated my civil rights. What next? In a nut shell the Kent, Washington PD and prosecutors office violated my civil rights. What next? On Dec 12 2015 the Kent PD was dispatched to a local retail store for a report of theft. Officer...
  17. RNG

    Question for state's rights supporters

    Do you agree with what the governors of California, Washington State and New York are doing? CA Gov. Jerry Brown joins climate alliance in wake of Trump decision on Paris Agreement | abc7.com
  18. Nwolfe35

    The Bill of Rights and the People.

    Many people here on DTT (jimmyb being one of the loudest) wants us to believe that the Bill of Rights did not (and does not) apply to the states. Well, except for the 10th Amendment. So I want a straight forward answer to a question I have asked that has yet to be answered. If the Bill...
  19. roastpork

    Muslims have no rights.

    Muslims don't have a right to emigrate to the U.S.! What "Why not?", you say. Well for one reason Islam is anathema to America and our way of life. Islam preaches the conversion of non believers or their destruction. Islam desires, and demands the establishment of Sharia Law. It condones many...