1. S

    R.I.P. Tom Wolfe

    Hard to believe that no mention of the passing of a literary titan has been made here.
  2. S

    R.I.P. Art Bell

    When he did 'Coast to Coast AM' it was a fascinating show, particularly through 2002, before retiring then coming back. It was great radio.
  3. skews13

    For Those About To Rock. RIP Malcolm Young

    We lost another great to Alzheimer’s today, Malcolm Young of AC/DC dies at 64. This awful disease that will affect 1 in 4 – either with it or as a caregiver – and that will be a top focus of my office when I get to Congress. It is a disease we MUST find a cause for and a cure. The numbers are...
  4. Hashtag

    R.I.P. Hugh Hefner

    Dead at 91. Pray for his soul. Friends and college roommate with the late Bob Grant. One day Grant came back to their rooms and there was Hef, photographing a half-naked girl. Hef had his calling already.
  5. T

    R.I.P. Walter Becker

    No cause of death given. Steely Dan had several wonderful albums. Countdown to Ecstasy my personal favorite. God speed.
  6. skews13

    RIP Walter Becker

    ?An excellent guitarist ? great songwriter?: Steely Dan co-founder Walter Becker dead at 67
  7. excalibur

    R.I.P. Will Grigg

    Will Grigg Was a Mighty Voice for Justice and Liberty 
  8. excalibur

    R.I.P. J Geils

    Died at home. 
  9. excalibur

    R.I.P. Steven McDonald

    May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest. May you be in Heaven a full half hour before the devil knows you're dead. Steven McDonald, NYPD cop paralyzed 30 years ago, dead at age 59 - NY Daily News 
  10. excalibur

    R.I.P. Ralph Raico 
  11. excalibur

    R.I.P. John Glenn

    For what was, and for what might have been. John Glenn, American hero, aviation icon and former U.S. senator, dies at 95 | The Columbus Dispatch 
  12. TNVolunteer73

    RIP Gene Wilder, thanks for the laughs,

    My favorite memory of him.
  13. GhostRider

    The Republican Party died 7/21/2016 RIP

    NBC's Nicolle Wallace: The Republican Party "Died In This Room Tonight" RIP party of Lincoln and Eisenhower
  14. imaginethat

    Muhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time', Dead at 74

    Oh my, I can't stop crying. Muhammad Ali, 'The Greatest of All Time', Dead at 74
  15. catus felis

    RIP Merle

    Merle Haggard just died! :cray:
  16. excalibur

    R.I.P. George Martin

    Sir George Martin, Beatles producer, dead at 90 - 
  17. excalibur

    R.I.P. Paul Kantner

    Jefferson Airplane's Paul Kantner dies at 74 - SFGate 
  18. excalibur

    R.I.P. David Bowie

    David Bowie Dead: Legendary Artist Was 69 - Hollywood Reporter 
  19. excalibur

    R.I.P. Allen Toussaint

    Died November 10, 2015. A towering figure of New Orleans music. 
  20. RNG

    RIP Betamax

    This surprised me. I had thought it was long dead, but the beta video tape format is just about to die. It caused my first heartbreak with technology. When we were first in the market for a video recorder, I did an in depth investigation and concluded that the beta was superior to the VHS...