1. skews13

    The Rate Of Older Americans Filing For Bankruptcy Is Rising Steeply

    Republicans continue to make America great again, if "make America great again" means driving older Americans into bankruptcy. The rate of people 65 and older filing for bankruptcy is three times what it was in 1991, the study found, and the same group accounts for a far greater share of all...
  2. Citizen Kane

    Marijuana addiction is real, and rising

    And people think it is benign. https://www.stltoday.com/news/national/marijuana-addiction-is-real-and-rising/article_65ce97a0-73f0-5cee-9a43-ab17a01b4882.html
  3. RNG

    Why the seas are rising.

    And it ain't none of that phoney global warming shit. Here's the hard truth from a GOP House Rep. So now you know. Thank god we have them. Now all we need to do is stabilize coastlines the world over and we will be saved...
  4. Sabcat

    Vatican trains more exorcists to combat rising demonic crisis

    Vatican trains more exorcists to combat rising demonic crisis - Yellowhammer News
  5. Endtherepublic

    Rising up and resisting

    Capitalist whore Betsy DeVos was blocked from spreading her propaganda at a public school. Her new role in the unlawful government is a slap in the face of all decency. This is how we need to be. We do not allow them to talk, to walk or to breathe. We ruin them anyway possible. We make war on...
  6. Endtherepublic

    Resistance rising: No hate, no fear

    Resistance rising: No hate, no fear ? Communist Party USA
  7. excalibur

    Violent crime rising in US cities, study finds

    Violent crime rising in US cities, study finds - CNNPolitics.com 
  8. dusty

    Sea level rising

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_level_rise end of 6th millin 1827 sea starts to rise 1870 proof when sea begin to rise in the link at top today Drowning history: Sea level rise threatens US historic sites - StamfordAdvocate
  9. drsnugglesvt

    Rising Rates Pose Challenge to Health Law

    Rising Rates Pose Challenge to Health Law - WSJ Increase demand by forcing people to sign up. Expect price won't rise. Solid economic logic, president Obama.
  10. excalibur

    Cold Sun Rising

    Still based on models. Cold sun rising - The Nation 
  11. RNG

    Why is death rate rising for white, middle-aged Americans?

    I was unsure what sub-forum to put this. It fits in Social Issues as well as any other, I guess. Basically, this article discusses an alarming increase in death rates of middle aged, white, lesser educated people seen relatively recently in a study done by Princeton University researchers...
  12. imaginethat

    Baghdad Rising

    No street battle ... this time. OBL must be laughing in his grave when he isn't attending to his heavenly virgins. More: Hundreds gather in Arizona for armed anti-Muslim protest - The Washington Post
  13. skews13

    Abbreviated Pundit Roundup: Easter Rising

    Colbert King wonders whether we might already be over a very scary line. If some red states were to openly defy the authority of President Obama in the exercise of his constitutional duties, would today’s Republican Congress side with him? Or would they honor the insurrection? I wish it...
  14. intangible child

    VIDEO: The woman who fights the rising sea

    https://nextgenclimate.org/rising-up-in-miami/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=climate&utm_content=2+-+WATCH+VIDEO&utm_campaign=email_140910_US_FL-Kayaker&source=email_140910_US_FL-Kayaker When it comes to the devastating effects of climate change, Southeast Florida is on the front lines. Their...
  15. excalibur

    Those Fast Rising Health Insurance Premiums

    Ah yes, thanks Obama. http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/04/14/survey-shows-obamacare-sending-premiums-rising-at-fastest-clip-in-decades/ 
  16. Medicine Man

    Anarchy Rising; The Red Threat!

    The Opening Barrage - YouTube
  17. Medicine Man

    The "South" IS Rising, Again!!!

  18. skews13

    In A Time Of Rising Liberalism Religious Right Clings To Revival

    In a Time of Rising Liberalism, Religious Right Clings to Hope of Religious Revival AmericastanAt a time when conservative Christianity seems to have hit an all-time low in America, evangelist Billy Graham is thinking that not only is it time for a religious revival, but as Troy...
  19. intangible child

    A lake has formed in the middle of the Arctic ice cap thanks to rising global

    Jul 27, 2013 - A lake has formed in the middle of the Arctic ice cap thanks to rising global temperatures. Melting Polar Ice Cap Created A Lake On Top Of The World - Forbes 04.02.2013 - The polar ice caps have melted faster in last 20 years than in the last 10000. A comprehensive satellite...
  20. roastpork

    Conservatives Rising?

    Can it be true? Conservative movements in a Liberal environment. I smell victory in 2014. "The rising government debt is generational Theft." Charlie Kirk on Fox Business July 7, 2012 Charlie Kirk at CPAC 2013 Watch introduction of Gov. Scott Walker He's 19...