1. GhostRider

    Pat Robertson, another right wing waste of oxygen.

    Pat Robertson Says He?s Conflicted About Melania?s Official Portrait: ?Sure It Can Heal Homosexuals, But It Can Also Cause An Increase Of Lesbianism? - Newslo It's long over due for Robertson to meet his creator.
  2. GhostRider

    Robertson says anti Trumpers are revolting against God. People like pat robertson and his fake interpretations of the Bible are one of the problems in this country. If there is a god, he or she sure as hell wouldn't chose a low life like trump to...
  3. GhostRider

    Pat Robertson says Melania Trumps nude pics are god's work of art

    Pat Robertson: ?Melania?s Nude Pics Are Pure Art That Shows The Beauty Of God?s Work? - Newslo Right wing hyprocracy at its finest
  4. intangible child

    Pat Robertson: Schools with interracial dating bans deserve tax-exempt status if it’s

    Pat Robertson: Schools with interracial dating bans deserve tax-exempt status if it’s based on the Bible Conservative TV preacher Pat Robertson said this week that the Internal Revenue Service had been wrong to strip the tax-exempt status from Bob Jones University after finding a ban on...
  5. Roo

    Here’s How Pat Robertson Responded (He's a dumbshit)

    Controversial Christian TV host Pat Robertson responded to a question from a viewer on the “700 Club” this week regarding whether she and her husband should participate in their child’s same-sex wedding ceremony, with the evangelist responding that he “wouldn’t go.” Here?s How Pat Robertson...
  6. Medicine Man

    Steppin' On Pat Robertson's Toes!!

    With the "shrinkage" (within the Faith-Based Community), you HAD to expect the competition (for whackos) to get a little-more aggressive.
  7. LongWinded

    Pat Robertson tells women: ‘Have love in your heart’ for cheating husbands

    Pat Robertson tells women: ?Have love in your heart? for cheating husbands Funny how he never mentioned that men should forgive their wives who cheat. This is one of the many reasons all this belief in a god is just man-made laws to enslave people; women more than men.
  8. azchurchmouse

    Fixing the GOP Robertson Style

    Way to put it out there Phil !!!!
  9. Camelot

    Phil Robertson is no businessman

    His big mouth is costing A & E BIG TIME !!!!!
  10. tristanrobin

    Seems Phil Robertson is Anti-Gay, Anti-Black-Rights AND a Pedophile! wants to get himself and other men 15 year old girls to marry disgusting pervert perfect face of the right wing lunatics

    GLAAD Outraged Over Phil Robertson Reinstatement:

    :cray: GLAAD responds: The inherent right as an American to say whatever the hell they want prevails, Political Correctness loses. What intolerant GLAAD will never understand is they are a very small group representing a very small demographic. They are the intolerant ones and have...
  12. Clint Liqurors

    USA Today Columnist Calls Phil Robertson A “Cracker” Isn't Cracker a Racial Slur?

    USA Today Columnist Calls Phil Robertson A ?Cracker?? | Weasel Zippers Because it’s progressive when libs use racial slurs. Via USA Today:
  13. Clint Liqurors

    Duck Dynasty Controversy Spotlights Liberal Intolerance.

    Liberal and progressive folks like to think of themselves as tolerant intelligent people that understand the world is not all “black and white” issues. They like to think that they are tolerant of other people’s differences, in this case, specifically the LGBT issues. But now the public...
  14. Medicine Man

    The America That Phil Robertson Can't Remember

    I guess it's always possible he was passing the bottle with Lil' Dumbya, back then.....
  15. skews13

    The Religious Right Champions Moral Relevitism In Defense Of Phil Robertson

    The Religious Right Champions Moral Relativism in Defense of Phil Robertson The entirety of the lunatic right with the possible exception of Bill O’Reilly, have jumped to the defense of suspended Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson: the National Organization of Marriage (NOM), Ralph Reed’s Faith...
  16. Medicine Man

    Teabaggers More-Goofy Than Pat Robertson??'s gotten THAT BAD!!!
  17. Medicine Man

    Pat Robertson; Fantasizing About Young-Boys

    Someone needs his potassium nitrate "fix".
  18. S

    Pat Robertson says gays must deliver butt babies or "shut their mouths"

    More anal sex obsession from homophobic Christians. This time it's Pat Robertson who challenges gays to either anally deliver babies or "shut their mouths".