1. F

    Russian Drone Meets Major Kong

    Russia releases video of undersea ‘Doomsday Machine’ drone that can COVERTLY carry nuclear weapons to U.S. ports Posted on July 26, 2018...
  2. Camelot

    Russian Hackers Breach U.S. Utilties

    Yeah, let’s give peace a chance.
  3. RNG

    China using Russian strategy in trade war with America

    Basically, several experts think China will simply devalue their currency (even more) to minimize the effect of tariffs and just wait it out. That was Russia's strategy and it was quite successful. That is successful for a government that doesn't have to worry about getting elected so can ride...
  4. RNG

    NEW Russian bots, 'troll factory' test waters ahead of U.S. midterms

    And they're at it again (still?) I hope Dot Don is aware of this for his upcoming meeting. Shady websites like USAReally, run out of Moscow, creep up ahead of November elections But it probably wouldn't matter. As was posted previously in another thread, although he accepts the fact that...
  5. skews13

    Russian Nerve Agent Victim Treated As Homicide Trump Says Murderer Is Fine

    A woman who was poisoned by a military-grade nerve agent in southwest England died Sunday, eight days after police think she touched a contaminated item that has not been found. London's Metropolitan Police force said detectives had become a homicide investigation with 44-year-old Dawn...
  6. Old Trapper

    Senate Endorses Report Of Russian Meddling

    Now what do the Republicans do? "The Senate Intelligence Committee, rejecting doubts conveyed by President Trump as recently as last week, has become the latest body to...
  7. S

    Obama cyber chief confirms 'stand down' order against Russian cyberattacks in summer

    Oh my! It truly is Obama's fault! WASHINGTON — The Obama White House’s chief cyber official testified Wednesday that proposals he was developing to counter Russia’s attack on the...
  8. U

    Russian propaganda

    on the Mexican border........ just kidding russia does not pull that kind of stuff.... russia stirring up trouble on the Mexican border, would that favor the dems. or gop most?
  9. Camelot

    Con Calls For Russian Readmittance Into G7

    After attacking our allies in the G7 relentlessly, the Con Man licks Putin’s balls some more. Hurry up Mueller. This government is now controlled by the Russians.
  10. J

    Is it true that the NRA is aligning themselves with the Russian

    So I'm hearing that the NRA is running like hell away from a story aligning themselves with Russia. Which in no way surprises me , they would sell out this country so the gun manufacturers kept the money flowing to the NRA as the Propaganda arm of big business GUNS. They are aligning themselves...
  11. RNG

    Russian ads focused overwhelmingly on race

    The biggest thing I get out of this analysis is that especially given how xenophobic the Russians are, these ads were aimed at sowing division and fears and triggering the emotions of the demographic more drawn to the now Republican President rather than overt anti-Hillary, pro-Trump ads...
  12. B

    The real Russian Scandal Here is a snippet, it seems today it is still true about the media! Kennedy was considering another run for president in 1988, but did not rule out running in 1984...
  13. imaginethat

    US Hits Russian Oligarchs, Officials, With Sanctions Over Election Interference

    Wow. It appears to me that a US-Saudi Arabia-Israel alliance is strengthening in opposition to a Russia-Iran-Syria alliance. The Bible prophesies a big battle in the region. Things are shaping up. Here, from SecTreas Mnuchin: "The Russian government engages in a range of malign activity...
  14. Camelot

    Mueller: Trump Camp & Russian Intel Link

    So much for the “There was no collusion” meme. In court filings, Mueller exposes how top Spanky confident Gates was in close touch with Russian intelligence during the campaign.
  15. Camelot

    Did NRA Funnel Russian Donations To Trump Campaign ?

    This is a story that has been evolving and could be part of the Mueller probe.
  16. Sabcat

    Did the US Interfere with the Russian Elections?
  17. imaginethat

    Russian spy: State TV anchor warns 'traitors'

    Russia confesses, and meanwhile, not a peep from the compromised pres who works hand in hand with Putin to splinter the West. Did DJ collude with Putin during the election? We'll see, but it's clear he's colluding with Putin right now. Russian spy: State TV anchor warns 'traitors' For days...
  18. guy39

    Trump confirmed meet with Russian operative

    The proof is in. Trump met with a Russian operative.
  19. Clara007


    Ooohhh....50 Shades of Russia? Bangkok, Thailand (CNN)From behind bars in a sweltering immigration detention center in Bangkok, a self-styled "sex coach" who claims to have detailed insider knowledge of Russian meddling in the US election says she wants to cooperate with US investigators...
  20. H

    Warning, all FBI tips nust now be in Russian

    or the bagel guy at the FBI will not even bother to read them