1. J

    Federal Judge gives ok to Trump Administration to stop sanctuary state grant

    See: Federal judge allows Trump to withhold grants to California as part of sanctuary city crackdown March 6th, 2018 ”A federal judge in Northern California has declined a request from California Attorney General Xavier Becerra to block the Trump administration’s decision to withhold a...
  2. J

    FL House bans sanctuary cities, will punish local leaders who flaunt law

    . See Florida House passes ban on ‘sanctuary cities’ for undocumented immigrants February 03, 2016 11:28 PM ”TALLAHASSEE The Florida House on Thursday voted to require local governments to detain people believed to be undocumented immigrants and, in some cases, let the governor...
  3. J

    Richard Fowler lies by misdirection on Foxnews over sanctuary cities

    This evening, 1/24/2018, Richard Fowler appeared on The Story (fox News Channel) with Martha MacCallum. The subject being sanctuary cities and their elected leaders who violate the law. Fowler went on and on about court rulings in which the court agrees the federal government cannot force...
  4. mayeve

    Justice Department threatens to subpoena sanctuary cities

    Justice Department threatens to subpoena sanctuary cities Twenty-three cities and states are facing subpoenas if they do not prove they are complying with federal immigration laws regarding sanctuary cities in a “timely manner,” the Justice Department announced Wednesday. Letters were...
  5. J

    DOJ may grow a spine and arrest sanctuary city elected political hacks.

    See: DOJ Considering Arresting Sanctuary City Politicians January, 2018 ”The Department of Justice is considering subjecting state and local officials to criminal charges if they implement or enforce so-called sanctuary policies that bar jurisdictions from cooperating with immigration...
  6. J

    Bill to punish lawless officials in sanctuary cities with fines and jail time

    . See Bill Would Punish Sanctuary City Officials For Protecting Illegals ”Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita has introduced a bill to punish elected officials in sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal officials in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Rokita told Fox...
  7. roastpork

    Is sanctuary good for the US?

    Is sanctuary good for the U.S.? I say nope.:unsure: Illegal Alien Responsible for Massachusetts' Sanctuary Policies Suspected of Robbing Woman in Wheelchair
  8. J

    Fifth Column media pretend Court sides with sanctuary city mayors

    . See: A federal judge just dealt another blow to the Trump administration's crackdown on 'sanctuary cities' ”In a victory for so-called "sanctuary cities," a federal judge in Chicago on Friday issued a nationwide injunction that blocks Attorney General Jeff Sessions' attempt to deny...
  9. roastpork


    Ah, "Sanctuary" for a safer city?:unsure: Sanctuary City Murder: Teen Illegal Immigrant Kills with Cop's Stolen Gun, Police Say
  10. Maverick

    Sanctuary City Madness

    Thanks to the left, the insane left. Portland man accused of sexually assaulting 65-year-old had been deported 20 times A Portland man accused of brutally attacking a 65-year-old woman has a history of arrests, at least 20 deportations and was released by local authorities in defiance...
  11. eldorado67

    Judge Blocks Sanctuary City Funding EO

    Another day, another Prog in black robes thinking he is the government. News from The Associated Press
  12. Sabcat

    Atheists form rape gangs. Demand sanctuary and get it.

    Just kidding, it was Muslims. The Refugee Rape Gangs of Sweden | Frontpage Mag
  13. Toefoot

    Sanctuary City Mayor Accused of ‘Raping and Molesting’ Teenage Boys

    Lets see how this plays out... A lawsuit alleges Seattle mayor Ed Murray, who has defended the city’s policy of refusing to turn over illegal alien criminals to federal authorities, raped drug-addicted, teenaged boys. A 46-year-old plaintiff, identified as D.H., claims that he met Murray...
  14. excalibur

    Sanctuary cities must come to an end period!

    More of that Illegal Alien Violence And Progs so love them some illegals. 'Brutal': New Details Emerge in Alleged Rape of Maryland Girl By Two Teens, One Here Illegally 'Brutal': New Details Emerge in Alleged Rape of Maryland Girl By Two Teens, One Here Illegally - Fox Nation 
  15. Clara007

    Sanctuary Schools??

    It was only a matter of time. Sanctuary schools are beginning to see what happens when a sitting president separates families, leaving children in an untenable position. So, they are fighting back. US public schools across the nation are taking steps to protect undocumented students...
  16. excalibur

    Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities

    Yeah, keep making taxpayers slaves to illegals. Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities | TheHill 
  17. J

    Can sanctuary city officials be prosecuted under 8 U.S. Code § 1324?

    8 U.S. Code § 1324 - Bringing in and harboring certain aliens (a)Criminal penalties (1) Any person who— (iii)knowing or in reckless disregard of the fact that an alien has come to, entered, or remains in the United States in violation of law, conceals, harbors, or shields from...
  18. J

    Sanctuary cities cry cutting off federal funds is unconstitutional.

    . See Sanctuary Cities Argue Trump Threat To Cut Federal Funding Is Unconstitutional ”SEATTLE (AP) – Politicians in New York, Seattle and other “sanctuary cities” that protect immigrants who are in the U.S. illegally declared Wednesday they won’t be intimidated by a move by President Donald...
  19. coke

    Trump moves to build border wall, cut sanctuary city funds

    Trump moves to build border wall, cut sanctuary city funds
  20. excalibur

    Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities

    High number, so there is hope. Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities Poll: 74 Percent of Californians Want to End Sanctuary Cities 