1. imaginethat

    Saudi Arabia appeared to threaten Canada with a 9/11-style attack

    These are our buddies in the region whom we've armed to the teeth!!!
  2. A

    Dangerous alliances with Saudi Arabia and Israel

    The US has the most weapons. China has the second most weapons. The little country of Saudi Arabia comes in third as the nation with the most weapons! When Saudi Arabia's oil is exhausted, it will not passively sink back into poverty, but it will use those weapons for economic reasons...
  3. Quigley

    military source said Saudi air defences intercepted a ballistic missile fired toward

    Ballistic missile intercepted over Saudi Arabia capital Riyadh just seconds before it slammed into royal palace The coalition is battling the armed Houthi movement in neighbouring Yemen. A ballistic missile was launched at the Saudi capital, a Houthi spokesman said. Mohammed Abdussalam...
  4. Quigley

    Saudi Arabia Orders Its Citizens To Leave Lebanon Immediately

    In a odd coincidence, just moments after we published an article laying out Hezbollah's military power at a time when both Saudi Arabia and Lebanon appear to be targeting Lebanon, and just two days after we discussed a leaked Israeli cable that confirmed Saudi Arabia and Israel are deliberately...
  5. skews13

    The Saudi Coup: Genocide Cloaked In A Return To Moderate Islam

    A Saudi Wahhabist Don’t fall for the hype. Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud Crown prince Mohammad bin Salman al Saud is being reported in the MSM as a reformer who wants to bring KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) into—if not the twenty-first century—at least the 16th century...
  6. Hashtag

    Will Saudi Arabia Go Up in Flames?

    Lot of stuff going down, including many arrests of people, including royals.
  7. imaginethat

    Meet Sophia: The first robot declared a citizen by Saudi Arabia

    It's a bit of an irony that the first female robot citizen turns up in Saudi Arabia. When I read this, I had a specie-specific "BullShit" reaction all through my body. When asked about the evil futuristic robots depicted in films like Blade Runner 2049, Sophia said humans have nothing to fear...
  8. skews13

    Saudi Arabia Takes Control Of Largest Oil Refinery In North America

    With the sale of its interests this May, Royal Dutch Shell made Saudi Arabia the sole owner of the largest refinery of gasoline in North America. Saudi Arabia now controls the massive Port Arthur Texas refinery and all of its assets. Saudi Arabia now has the ability to shut down the largest...
  9. GhostRider

    Trump appears to have registered eight companies in Saudi

    Trump registered eight companies in Saudi Arabia during campaign: report | TheHill This might back up rumors that trump was using his hotel or proposed hotels as money laundering for the Russian mob, all these rumors if false could be cleared up if he released his tax returns.
  10. Clara007

    Wilbur is surprised! No protests in Saudi??

    What a cabinet! Are they so completely ignorant....of everything? Let's start with Wilbur Ross, Sec of Commerce. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross marveled Monday morning that there was not even “a single hint or a protester” anywhere in Saudi Arabia during President Donald Trump’s visit there...
  11. skews13

    Saudi Arms Deal Is A Terrible Idea Probably Illegal

    Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to Donald Trump. Today’s op-ed at the Huffington Post is no different. This weekend, President Trump will unveil a proposed mammoth arms sale to Saudi Arabia. The pro-Gulf foreign policy establishment in the United States and...
  12. GhostRider

    trump bailed out twice by Saudi Prince

    Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: 'I Bailed You Out Twice' | The Huffington Post trump failed to read the book "How to Win Friends and Influence People"
  13. Sabcat

    Saudi king agrees in call with Trump to support Syria, Yemen safe zones What the heck is that crazy dictator doing now? It sounds like he is trying to find a place for the "rufugees" to go in their part of the world. Man, that sounds just bananas to think that displaced people would have...
  14. imaginethat

    Russia, Saudi Oilfield Mismanagement Will Bring Back $100 Oil

    Awwwww, it couldn't happen to two nicer regimes.... Lots more: Forbes Welcome
  15. GhostRider

    Saudi Prince bailed Trump out twice!

    Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: 'I Bailed You Out Twice' It appears Trump has some obligations to Saudi Arabia and Russia.
  16. excalibur

    US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia

    US oil reserves surpass those of Saudi Arabia and Russia - 
  17. imaginethat

    Shiite Iraq’s gains against ISIS spur fundraising in Saudi Arabia

  18. skews13

    The Untold Story Behind The Saudi's 41 Year US Debt Secret

    It was July 1974. A steady predawn drizzle had given way to overcast skies when William Simon, newly appointed U.S. Treasury secretary, and his deputy, Gerry Parsky, stepped onto an 8 a.m. flight from Andrews Air Force Base. On board, the mood was tense. That year, the oil crisis had hit home...
  19. K

    Saudi Press: U.S. Blew Up World Trade Center To Create ‘War On Terror’

    Not seen in Mainstream media report.