1. BubbaJones

    This is DAMNED SCARY !!!!!

    The administration is going to compile lists of "influencers" including how they portray the administration !! SAY GOODBYE TO THE FIRST AMENDMENT !!!!!
  2. roastpork

    Scary isn't she!

    Lies, lies, and more lies.:angry:
  3. tristanrobin

    Scary, Judgmental Old Men

    Scary, Judgmental Old Men By Michael Gerson / November 23 at 8:27 PM Even in a political season of routine marvels, few developments are more spectacularly incongruous than this: The United States has seen a swift, dramatic shift in attitudes toward sexual harassment with Donald Trump...
  4. RNG

    Scary stuff in the cyber-intel area.

    I'm amazed no one has posted this. Lot's more in the link. This is really scary.
  5. G

    It gets scary when we hear some

    congress people made their media comments and know they are helping make big decisions facing our nation and our lives. Maxine Waters was on a MSNBC show and asked if she approved of Trump firing Comey...she said NO. Then she was asked IF Hillary had been elected should she have fired him...
  6. BubbaJones

    This is chilling and scary

    1984 has arrived and in full force. How much more communist could Trump be ?? Sounds like a page right out of his bromance bother Putin's play books...
  7. RNG

    Trump is really scary (This is now a subscription site allowing 4 free views. I just used up my last one. Just a warning if you are close to your limit.) I don't ever remember a time I was hoping that Trump was lying...
  8. excalibur

    Warning to archaeology pupils that 'bones can be scary'

    The dumb just keeps getting stronger. UCL warns archaeology pupils that 'bones can be scary' | Daily Mail Online 
  9. RNG

    Really scary, IMO.

    Apparently this photo has gone all "viral". For those of you who aren't into Twiller, Facebook and the like, like me, this was on the home page of the BBC news website this morning. It scares the shit out of me. Darth Vader anyone?
  10. Sabcat

    Libertarians are scary!!! just look.

    On education: “Mr. President, we can have world-class education. The first step is defunding and eliminating the federal Department of Education, abolishing Common Core, and allowing parents to take full control over their children’s education. Free-market competition will raise educational...
  11. BubbaJones

    Now THIS is scary !!!!!!

    The House GOP Wants Private Debt Collectors To Take Over IRS Jobs Leave it to the Republicans !!!! After all the fear mongering about the IRS adding agents after Obamacare was passed, what do they want to do now ??? HAND COLLECTIONS OVER TO THEIR CORPORATE DONORS !!!!!
  12. LongWinded

    ALEC's Scary Corporate Agenda -

    ALEC's Scary Corporate Agenda -- 7 of Their Most Anti-Democratic and Science-Denying Ideas | Alternet The Koch Brothers money hard at work buying republican legislatures and teabagging governors.
  13. RNG

    A Scary Image

    I'm a bit of an aircraft buff and read most things I run into about them. I was happily reading a BBC article about the Russian "Bear", the Tupolev Tu-95. It was interesting enough and one neat factoid was that a Bear dropped the largest nuke ever exploded above ground. But read on - My...
  14. BubbaJones

    Now this is just plain scary

    Most people are well aware of our Miranda rights, even before the police arrest you and say the words. But now it seems, at least in California that keeping your mouth shut, is just as bad as talking too much !!!!! Even if you haven't been "officially" arrested and received your Miranda...
  15. P

    Nazi Ukraine. Scary stuff

    There are No Neo-Nazis in Ukraine. And the Obama Administration does not support Fascists | Global Research Red and black flags, all kinds of fascist symbols including swastika, glorifying of Nazi Germany collaborators, wild attacks on Jews, rise of neo nazi 'Svoboda' party and outrage on...
  16. pensacola niceman

    Scary Clown Terrorizes British Town

    A mysterious and sinister clown has been sighted prowling the streets of Northampton, U.K., causing both curiosity and concern. Nocturnal sightings of the face-painted fiend — widely dubbed The Northampton Clown — began earlier this month. The clown has not harassed, attacked, nor threatened...
  17. excalibur

    White House Tweets Picture of Obama With a Scary Gun for Father's Day

    White House Tweets Picture of Obama With a Scary Gun for Father's Day Katie Pavlich | Jun 17, 2013 This is just too good. The White House tweeted a photo of...
  18. TNVolunteer73

    One heart beat from the Presidency THIS IS SCARY.... ... ...

    Joe Biden to Field and Stream: Fire shotgun through the door - National Policy & Issues | Joe Biden to Field and Stream: Fire shotgun through the door don't you think you might want to make sure it isn't your Teenage Daughter sneaking in after she slipped out to meet her...
  19. J

    A Scary Thought

    I was talking with a friend about politics this afternoon and we were discussing what Bush has done since he took office. I didn't really think much of it at the time, but as I thought it over in my head I came to a realization. Now please correct me if I am wrong, but it seems that our...