1. B

    Muslim terrorist taining school shooters in the desert!

    Backed by the dems to push anti gun agenda no doubt, the ends justify all means foir the left and their desire for power. Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, whose father was suspected of involvement in...
  2. fandango

    PAY Children To Go To School!

    I know what it is like for all you slave loving capitlaist scum out there. You all want something for nothing. You expect children to learn learn learn (often bullshit) for free. (I say sarcastically) That's right. Crack that fukin whip! Then there is their parent's expense. Such as...
  3. U

    I graduated high school in 1957
  4. Clara007

    Face Palm: Porn Leads to School Shootings guessed it! Another Republican OPENS HER (yes it's a HER) MOUTH and out pops the most excruciating stupidity of the day--or week--or month. Porn Leads To School Shootings, GOP Congresswoman Says “I think that is a big part” of the spike in such attacks, Rep. Diane Black...
  5. U

    I just read about another school shooting....

    If I was a sheriff over a county, tomorrow, a deputy would be at all schools, the county board just gonna have to find the money........that would be my first step. TONIGHT we would lay out a primary plan........ but tomorrow morning a baby can walk down the side wall and be safe or someone...
  6. U

    The school shooting in Texas.....

    Lots of people to pray for.......even the shooter..... Ten killed and ten wounded and their families .......the shooter's family......this list gets long....
  7. goober

    10 killed, 10 wounded in Texas school shooting

    Totally worth it to be able to fondle my Glock
  8. B

    I thought religion didn't belong in school

    wonder where the aclu would come down on this? The purported assignment came from the young girl’s social studies class, and included a page that...
  9. skews13

    The Original School Shooting May 4, 1970

    Kent State shooting site dedicated as National Historic Landmark - Cleveland 19 News Cleveland, OH
  10. Sabcat

    Hero Student Of Parkland Massacre Files Suit Against Sheriff's Office And School
  11. imaginethat

    Crazed girls, older men flood Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail

    Expressions of anti-christ. I don't mean some dude; I mean the spirit that runs 180 degrees opposite to "love thy neighbor." More expressions of love: Crazed girls, older men flood Parkland school shooter Nikolas Cruz with fan mail - News - Daytona Beach News-Journal Online - Daytona Beach, FL
  12. xMathFanx

    School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room'

    School Shootings: The 'Elephant in the Room' The "elephant in the room" for (many) of these mass school shootings is "How was the kid treated in school? Was he bullied, tormented, extremely socially rejected endlessly? Who was participating, to what level, and who was complicit? Everyone...
  13. miketx

    High school placed on lock down after...

    Looks like they captured and released another violent leftist racist. High school placed on lockdown after staffer threatened to 'execute every white man,' police say A high school in Connecticut was on lockdown Wednesday after a school employee who wanted to “execute every white man”...
  14. Clara007

    Another School Shooting

    Isn't this awesome?? The 17th school shooting this year ....'s only March. Let's hear it for MAGA and look forward to more "thoughts and prayers" from the Party of Bullets and Babes. But more hall, Dem/teacher politicizing, and 17 minutes out of class! One person...
  15. Sabcat

    New Prague High School student escorted off property during walkout

    New Prague High School student escorted off property during walkout | Education |
  16. U

    Notice that school security has gone away!!!

    Except for the blame game, same old stuff, again!!!!
  17. Sabcat

    EMS teams stopped from entering the Florida school
  18. Sabcat

    Four Deputies Waited Outside School During Shooting

    Four Deputies Sat Outside Stoneman Douglas | The Daily Caller
  19. M

    Armed officer at school never entered building during shooting

    Armed officer at school never entered building during shooting
  20. Sabcat

    Minneapolis high school students walk out for gun control

    So one of my kids shoots me an email this morning saying that not only was there a walk out today but there teachers were supporting it. Then i got ahold of my other kid and was told that their teachers were giving them all of the pertinent information. Like how they would not be allowed back...