1. F

    Send For Mother Nature She cannot fool Mother Nature if her health is bad. She already has trouble staying awake: Earlier this year, Ginsburg admitted she 'wasn't 100 per cent sober' when she dozed off during Obama's State of the Union address. Her excuse then? A 'very good California...
  2. houseknight

    Should we send UN to Gaza?

    SHOULD WE SEND UN TO GAZA? Instead of investigating Hamas’s crimes against Jews and against the Palestinians, and sending troops that will remove the criminal regime of Hamas, the UN is going to send another fake commission that will investigate us, the victims of Hamas crimes. In fact, the...
  3. G

    It is time to send a team to Israel and

    learn how it protects it's schools etc. They do a good job and I have read many articles on it. Why continue the same old political back and forth here and actually do no complete planning or training???
  4. RNG

    The Republican President to send National Guard to border

    Trump says he wants military to help at U.S.-Mexico border | CBC News I thought National Guards were in fact State National Guards. Does the president have the authority to send a National Guard somewhere? Tweet from CBC:
  5. G

    One reason Mexico helps send

    people across our border is the huge cash flow that it gets from it's people living here. Estimated last year at 23 Billion dollars. It is probably it's largest cash flow "crop". Don't believe me, look it up. That, as well as all the money sent out to other nations, from their citizens here...
  6. S

    Tax law may send factories and jobs abroad

    I'm among the proponents of a trade policy described within Wikipedia's “Import Certificates” article. The Import Certificate trade policy would have no problem with USA's new tax laws. Respectfully, Supposn Excerpted from: Tax law...
  7. webguy4

    Never Send a Child To Public School

    If your kid is not a criminal, they'll make him one.
  8. GhostRider

    Right wing haters send death threats

    Red State Artist Puts Up Shocking Anti-Trump Billboard, Now She?s Getting Death Threats [Details] ? Democratic Review The party of fake Christians sends death threats to female artist you disagrees with their batshit crazy choice for President., the liar trump.
  9. Camelot

    Putin To Send Election Observers To Support Trump

    Why isn't this nice. Trump's big mouth has Putin on his high horse wanting to send election observers to monitor our election. Joe McCarthy turns over in his grave as the Republican Party turns totally TREASONOUS RED !!!!
  10. excalibur

    Powell told Hillary to send classified info on State email

    And more Hillary lies too. Did Hillary lie to FBI about Powell?s email advice? | New York Post 
  11. Clara007

    50 Top GOP National Security Officials Won't Vote for Trump

    "Fifty former top Republican national security officials have signed an open letter in The New York Times opposing Donald Trump's candidacy, warning that he would be "the most reckless president in American history." And who can blame them? Almost 9 out of 10 voters describe Trump the same...
  12. excalibur

    CIA chief: IS working to send operatives to the West

    As Obama painted a rosy picture the other day. The same Obama who shut down Iraqi "refugees" back in 2011 (good on him), is the same Obama who today plays games over Syrian "refugees". Obama is rolling the dice now, and imperils American lives. CIA chief: IS working to send operatives to the...
  13. LongWinded

    Police Must Stop Killing Mentally Ill People and Send Them to Treatment Instead

    Police Must Stop Killing Mentally Ill People and Send Them to Treatment Instead | Alternet States followed Reagan's lead and closed many mental health facilities and they haven't been put back. We need to get rid of for profit republicans privatizing everything and put democrats in office...
  14. tristanrobin

    "Drive them out of our city. I don’t want them in our city. Send them back to SF

    OMG - What this man says! Why can't some people just shut the fuck up????? The Conservative Republicans of Texas kicked off a multi-city Faith Family Freedom Tour Thursday, dedicated to putting gays back into the closet - preferably a closet in another state. According to the Texas...
  15. Camelot

    Republicans Send Open Letter To Iran Telling Them Not To Trust America

    These fools, INCLUDING RAND PAUL, have overstepped their boundaries again and have made a joke of the Constitution.
  16. intangible child

    Israel’s Campaign to Send Gaza Back to the Stone Age

    The power station, the port, government buildings, and private homes have all fallen prey to Operation Protective Edge. GAZA CITY — Israel’s assault on Gaza has hit a new level of intensity as its navy, artillery, drones and F16s rain fire on residents across the besieged strip. As the...
  17. LongWinded

    Rick Perry to Send 1,000 Troops to Border to Fight Migrant Children and Families

    Rick Perry to Send 1,000 Troops to Border to Fight Migrant Children and Families | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community Only a right wing Christian hypocrite would even THINK Of arming men to go to the border and point guns at children. What a jerk.
  18. TNVolunteer73

    Central America Send your Childern to Concentration Camp "Camp Obama"

    Campamento Obama Hola, madre, Hola Padre, aquí soy un campamento Obama, camp es muy entretenido, Y dicen que tendremos algo de diversión si se detiene a violar . Todos los consejeros odian a los camareros y el lago tiene allegators y el entrenador no quiere cobardes por lo que lee para...
  19. azchurchmouse

    Which Democrats would you send?

    "During a speech at the Texas GOP Convention on Friday, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul made a joke in reference to Barack Obama’s trade of five Taliban senior commanders for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Just prior to the joke, Paul referenced U.S. Marine Andrew Tahmooressi, who has been held in a...
  20. M

    EU to send 11 billion aid to Ukraine.

    EU ready to provide 11 billion euros of financial aid to Ukraine Ok, another stupid mistake on behalf of EU is going to take place so soon... this time they're going to pay off illegal Turchynov and his Kiev's junta. It's really starting to look like a monopoly board! EU buys Ukraine for...