1. B

    Man Assaulted Secret Service Officer Outside White House After Immigration Rally: Fed

    White House on Saturday shortly after the major immigration rally in Lafayette Park, according to newly filed federal court records. The man, who is only identified as Carmona in court records, is accused of illegally parking his BMW along Pennsylvania Avenue, moving a bicycle rack-style...
  2. L

    Drug sellers exploit the Postal Service to ship fentanyl to US

    Does anyone else find this very disturbing? Ok, it isn't the most attractive of all discussions, but c'mon. Drug sellers exploit the Postal Service to ship fentanyl to US: Report - ABC News
  3. skews13

    Trump Shutdown Effect: Gala Guests Endure Atrocious Caviar Service

    Caviar wishes and champagne dreams Military families are suffering amidst Trump and the Republican’s shutdown of the U.S. government. The lives of 800,000 hardworking young people who followed the rules, seeking a path to citizenship in the only country they’ve ever known are at risk...
  4. Quigley

    Ex-Secret Service Agent Claims Biden Engaged in “Weinstein-Level” Groping

    An ex-Secret Service agent is claiming that former Vice President Joe Biden engaged in “Weinstein-level” sexual assault and that he would walk around the VP residence late at night completely naked. According to Big League Politics’ Cassandra Fairbanks, a Secret Service agent who spoke on...
  5. titan

    Google "free" Internet service, driving up YOUR $cost of living?

    "Silicon Valley", from San Francisco to San Jose, wealthy Internet companies teeter on turning locations into "company towns", altering the economy and culture. A two bedroom apartment there can rent from $3,500.oo to $4,500.oo per month. This creates some obvious obstacles. Who other...
  6. tristanrobin

    It’s Now Legal in Mississippi to Deny Service to Any Person You Think Could Be Gay

    It’s Now Legal in Mississippi to Deny Service to Any Person You Think Could Be Gay Written by Matt Baume on October 21, 2017 Mississippi’s never been known for welcoming queer people, but the state just outdid itself. This month, one of the most sweeping anti-LGBT laws in the country went...
  7. T

    Obama Service Award Recipient Now Researching ‘Butt-Fisting’

    Good grief. Obama Service Award Recipient Now Researching ‘Butt-Fisting’ Obama Service Award Recipient Now Researching 'Butt-Fisting'
  8. Clara007

    Secret Service Breaks the Bank

    Remember this? “I would rarely leave the White House because there’s so much work to be done,” Trump, 69, tells ITK. "I would not be a president who took vacations. I would not be a president that takes time off.” “You don’t have time to take time off,” Trump adds. AND this: His name is...
  9. Nwolfe35

    Public Service Reminder

    Remember: Nobody needs a war more than a politician with low poll numbers.
  10. Camelot

    King of the Swamp disgusts the Secret Service

    The Orange Turd tried to Jack the Secret Service so the Secret Service told him to go pound salt just like the President of Mexico did.........LOL
  11. fdtwain

    On reasonable service to God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit

    The truth of Holy Scripture in every people, nation, state and country and on whole earth these present times is: God, Lord Jesus Christ, Holy Spirit hates all doers of the abominable deeds of sexual perversion (homosexuality, that is, anal or oral intercourse between two men; lesbianism, that...
  12. excalibur

    More Secret Service Incompetence

    This has been going on for some time now. And this is just another one of those moments. Laptop with Trump Tower floor plans stolen from Secret Service - NY Daily News 
  13. RNG

    Personnel changes coming at the National Park Service

    Silly fellows didn't read the program.
  14. skews13

    Young Girl Takes Fight Over Service Dog To Supreme Court

    This story hit's close to home for me, and I'm curious what the boards opinions are on this subject. Should the girl prevail? I respect everyones opinion on this, so I'm not looking for a right or a wrong answer, just your opinion and why.
  15. skews13

    Trumps Greatest Service To America Ending Paul Ryan's Career

    Lest there be any doubt, there is also a far more deep-seeded reason why Ryan is in free-fall. Ryan, despite the mythology that surrounds his charmed career, is bad at politics. He is bad at math. His ideas are bad. And people hate those ideas. Setting aside his failed effort to privatize...
  16. skews13

    Major Denial Of Service Attack Underway

    DDoS on Dyn Impacts Twitter, Spotify, Reddit Criminals this morning massively attacked Dyn, a company that provides core Internet services for Twitter, SoundCloud, Spotify, Reddit and a host of other sites, causing outages and slowness for many of Dyn’s customers. MAJOR Denial of Service...
  17. Q

    With His Fake Birth Certificate and Selective Service Form, Obama Claims Trump “Unfit

    Trash Talker In Chief » Liberty Alliance B. Hussein Obama was born in Mombasa in what is now Kenya on August 4, 1961 at 7:24 PM – and not in Honolulu, Hawaii. Four simple questions must be answered here: 1. Back in 1961 people of color were called “Negroes”. So how can that Obama’s “birth...
  18. tallagator

    Alabama Sheriff's deputies refused service at Taco bell.

    Alabama sheriff?s deputies refused service at Taco Bell - NY Daily News Hmmm, not good. Maybe, next time the cashier needs help they should reply "Sorry, we don't service taco bell'?:-D Guess, Vera Rutherford, Will find a job somewhere else cting like an ASS when cops come in?
  19. Sabcat

    Cops Attack Autistic Man After He Schooled Them on the Law Regarding Service Dogs

    video in the link Cops Attack Autistic Man After He Schooled Them on the Law Regarding Service Dogs
  20. Sabcat

    Customer Service, Government Style: Huge Wait Times for TSA "Security"

    Whenever it comes to funding the government's own perks and amenities, no expense is to be spared. Both civilian and military government employees are paid more than their private-sector counterparts with equal levels of job skills and education. High ranking government officials travel in...