1. tristanrobin

    The Pompous GOP Credo Was a Sham All Along

    The Pompous GOP Credo Was a Sham All Along Are you old enough to remember when the Republican Party had principles and a backbone? It seems so long ago. If you do recall that bygone time, you might expect that said principles and backbone will assert themselves, sooner or later, against...
  2. skews13

    PA Lesson For Midterms GOP Tax Sham Is Their Greatest Weakness

    The GOP cannot be allowed to dance around their largest legislative priority now that it is proven to be a losing message. Democratic candidates must make sure that it is symbolically emblazoned upon every Republican candidate’s forehead: that they prioritized tax cuts for the rich over serving...
  3. skews13

    The Sham Of Austerity And The Storms To Come

    We had a storm up here the other day that walked and talked. The rain came sideways, the dirt road became a quagmire and the doors shook in their doorframes from the wind. As night fell the storm strengthened, the woods were filled with the gunfire sound of snapping branches, and then the power...
  4. LongWinded

    Anniversary New Orleans Charter School Visit Was a Sham

    George W. Bush's 10th Anniversary New Orleans Charter School Visit Was a Sham Must be why so many states are finding out charter schools are unconstitutional.
  5. skews13

    30% In Fox Sham Debate Are Former Fox Employees

    30% of The Participants In Fox News? Sham Debate Are Former Fox Employees Fox News has announced the ten Republicans who will be participating in the network’s first debate, and the hypocrisy of the situation was illustrated by the fact that 30% of the GOP field used to work at Fox...
  6. C

    Debt Forgiveness a Sham, Class War Continues

    Greg Palast talks about the sham of debt relief and how it just another cover for the rich to wage war on the poor:
  7. wagneww

    War on Drugs a Costly Sham

    We humans are a predictable lot; we continually ignore history, are afraid of everything, and act emotionally rather than rationally, especially when it comes to the vexatious and controversial subject of drugs in society. We don’t learn from our mistakes; destined to repeat them over and over...