1. tristanrobin

    "Make Them Pariahs": How Shaming Trump Aides Became a Tactic

    "Make Them Pariahs:" How Shaming Trump Aides Became a Resistance Tactic After another week saw leading Republicans accosted in public places, many on the left are arguing that harassment is legitimate Steve Bannon, who was forced to leave a bookshop after being called ‘a piece of...
  2. GhostRider

    Army Vet takes on Texas schools for "shaming" students

    Army vet takes on schools shaming students in lunch line | Three cheers for this retired Army gunship pilot. There is no excuse for this kind of behavior from ANY school. Figures this would happen in Texass.
  3. Medicine Man

    Shaming "conservatives"

    Could there possibly BE more gutless/risk-averse weenies, than "conservatives"???? * Typical "conservative": "....But, what if it doesn't WORK??!!!"