1. Sabcat

    Landmark legal shift opens pandora’s box for diy guns
  2. RNG

    A big shift in WH view of Russia

    Latest breaking news email from CNN. My emphasis. Perhaps the whole House and Senate Intelligence Committees thing is already achieving results.
  3. imaginethat

    The Republican Party shift

    Who are these people calling themselves Republicans? Where are the real Republicans? The small government fans? The "Moral Majority?" Just a few electoral cycles ago, the party of family values warned us that liberals and their newscaster and Hollywood friends would be the end of this country...
  4. justoneman

    The Democratic Party shift.

    The Democrat Party started with the first Democrat President Andrew Jackson. Andrew Jackson, or as I like to call him "old Indian Killer" was himself an owner of many black slaves. The Democrat party continued that angle through the Civil War with Jim Crowe laws in the South. But at some...
  5. RNG

    Foreign policy shift

    This is a long op-ed so I will just post the link. But a quick summary is: There is an unprecedented totally bipartizan effort on the part of the Washington foreign policy establishment to establish a far more hawkish, interventionist policy for the incoming new president. It isn't known if...
  6. RNG

    Major Shift in Trump's Immigrant Position

    This is the second day the BBC has had a story related to this on it's homepage but I'm not seeing any other coverage. Why? I guess the new girl is having an effect on The Donald. Remaking him into a soft, cuddly and more voter appealing critter without the rough edges. According to this...
  7. Lyzza

    German refugee center burns amid shift in public mood on migrants

    Poor Germany. What a mess. German Refugee Center Attacked | Al Jazeera America
  8. imaginethat

    Coca-Cola Funds Scientists Who Shift Blame for Obesity Away From Bad Diets

    Oh yeah, Coca-Cola reminds us that you can't always believe what you see and hear. The best science money can buy...
  9. RNG

    Economic Indicator, Quality Indicator or Lifestyle Shift?

    I receive a daily business email from CNBC. It had this headline this morning which got me thinking. Is this due to a slow economy or is it more indicative that cars are now better built and last longer, or is it that a shiny new car isn't the "must have" status symbol it once was? Just...
  10. skews13

    Federal Appeals Courts Take Major Shift To The Left

    A whole new day on filling the federal courts | MSNBC For much of President Obama’s tenure, there have been plenty of complaints from the left – including some from me – about the way in which Democrats dealt with judicial nominees. The White House seemed slow to send would-be judges to...
  11. coke

    Whats the reality of the power shift in Washington

    Ok, for starters lets jump right to the ACA. If, the Senate and House vote for repeal, which is iffy, very very iffy, it is just being done as a bargaining chip. What I think will happen is the republicans will take away the medical device tax..fucking dumb, and will strip the enforcement of...
  12. tristanrobin

    Dramatic Shift in Tone About Gays from Vatican

    In a dramatic shift in tone, a Vatican document said Monday that homosexuals had "gifts and qualities to offer" and asked if Catholicism could accept gays and recognize positive aspects of same-sex couples. Roman Catholic gay rights groups around the world hailed the paper as a breakthrough, but...
  13. Medicine Man

    "conservatives" Shift Into MEGA-WHINE!

    Whew!!! Those "conservatives" surely can dish-it-out....until they get THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEMSELVES!!! Then, they "shift" down into their whiny, little martyr mode. Whatta bunch o' WIMPS!!!
  14. S

    Polls show shift from pro-choice to pro-life

    A new Rasmussen poll indicates that fewer voters than ever are calling themselves pro-choice, and the gap between pro-choice and pro-life voters is the narrowest it has been. The survey of 1,000 likely voters finds that 46 percent of those polled now consider themselves to be pro-choice, the...
  15. Hondo69

    Shift In The Balance Of Power

    Most people don’t really care about this topic, but it will affect us all tremendously in the near future. The balance of power is changing in the Middle East. Our enemies no longer fear us and our allies no longer trust us. Here in the States, we haven’t really yet come to recognize this...
  16. RNG

    CNN Shift to the Right?

    Most of you have probably noticed that I subscribe to CNN's breaking news e-mail service. I have often posted e-mails I received from them related to some active thread. Just the past few days I had posted a few reporting on various poll questions about Obama and his performance. I just got...
  17. excalibur

    Interstellar Winds Shifting?

    So much is way beyond man's power, or ability to comprehend. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++ IBEX spacecraft measures changes in the direction of interstellar winds buffeting our solar system Embargoed until 2 p.m. EDT, Sept. 5, 2013 San Antonio — Sept. 5, 2013 — Data from NASA's...
  18. Uncle Han

    Non-Black America Experiences a Paradigm Shift

    Non-Black America Experiences a Paradigm Shift By John Ross Ewing There is a sea change occurring in America fifty years after MLK Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech. This paradigm shift is spreading with the growing realization among our citizens that Black America (including our president)...
  19. Uncle Han

    Ten Year Anniversary of the Climate Change Paradigm Shift

    Ten Year Anniversary of the Climate Change Paradigm Shift By Howard Richman & Raymond Richman Science advances by paradigm shifts. My one-time co-researcher, Nobel Prize winning economist Herb Simon, once explained it to me. The new paradigm begins with a new overall curve. Further research...
  20. skews13

    A Deficit Shift The GOP May Struggle To Explain

    A deficit shift the GOP may struggle to explain - The Maddow Blog For deficit hawks, all of the news is good news. The Congressional Budget Office reported Tuesday that the federal budget deficit is declining this year compared to fiscal 2012. For the first seven...