1. H

    If Haiti is not a shithole, please detail why?

    Is this a vacation and humanitarian utopia? or a shithole
  2. Clara007

    Jesus From a Shithole Country

    Actually, Jesus was “worse” than that. He came from a shithole town in a shithole country. The modern nation of Israel may have global prominence today, but 1st century Judea and, more specifically, the region of Galilee where Jesus was from, was a Roman backwater, an afterthought in an...
  3. skews13

    You Mean Shithole Countries Like Slovenia Donald?

    Just a reminder to racist morons like Trump: In the much lauded and often cited (by Republicans) Fraser Institute rankings of economic freedom, El Salvador nets a 7.13 out of 10 and Slovenia only nets a 7.0… i.e. El Salvadore has more economic freedom than Melania’s country of birth...
  4. tristanrobin

    President Just Keeps Making Us Proud ...
  5. intangible child

    Castro Valley Is A Suburban Shithole

    "Police believe McCroskey flew to Virginia on Sept. 6 to see the girl, attended a "horrorcore" concert with her, and then killed her and three others in her home. He was arrested at Richmond International Airport, one day after the bodies were found decomposing in a home in Farmville, VA... He...