1. skews13

    Why Do Republicans Prefer A Pedophile To A Democrat? A Short History

    People are appalled Republicans are sticking with accused pedophile Roy Moore, just as they were appalled they voted for admitted molester Donald Trump. How did the Democratic Party become so toxic to these voters? The answer? 40 years of relentless demonization of Democrats and liberals...
  2. goober

    Best Short Stories

    I just re-read Red Wind by Raymond Chandler. That is perfect story telling by the master.
  3. imaginethat

    A short jaunt through Flip-Flop Land

    Amazing. Some supporters aren't quite lithe enough in their thinking to travel with Donnie through flip-flop land, but some are! Trump Has Flip-Flopped. But His Supporters Aren't Upset ? Or Haven't Noticed. | HuffPost
  4. imaginethat

    U.S. wants more U.N. sanctions over North Korea’s nuclear arms, warns time is short

    Wait, didn't we hear almost the same script in 2002? And, what does South Korea think about war on the peninsula? I sure am glad we have Trump rather than Hillary "WWIII" Clinton at the helm. If SK is willing to take the risk of Seoul being in the immediate crosshairs of any military...
  5. RNG

    Tillerson cuts short South Korean visit, citing 'fatigue'

    Can you imagine what the usual suspects would be saying if the name in the headline was Hillary instead of Tillerson. Report: Tillerson cuts short South Korean visit, citing 'fatigue' | TheHill
  6. excalibur

    Health-care exchange sign-ups fall far short of forecasts

    Not unexpected from anyone who understands these things. 
  7. BubbaJones

    The Big Short

    For anyone that thinks Clinton and the CRA had anything to do with the housing market crash, WATCH THE MOVIE "The Big Short". Even if it's exaggerated for the movie, the stupidity and arrogance, not to mention criminality of the nations largest banks and ratings agencies is beyond belief ...
  8. Boo

    Brilliant Fools: The Short Story of America’s Liberal Elite Read

    There was a time when reality bested my beliefs. In January 2005, I listened to George W. Bush’s second inaugural and nodded right along as he declared that the “best hope for peace in our world is the expansion of freedom in all the world.” And while I wasn’t quite in agreement that the “call...
  9. Sabcat

    Sanders’s Short Memory

    During his interview with the New York Daily News, Bernie Sanders was asked to specify the fraud committed by Wall Street banks. He replied: What kind of fraudulent activity? Fraudulent activity that brought this country into the worst economic decline in its history by selling packages of...
  10. Polari

    The Big Short

    ...Just watched the movie...Am I supposed to like these guys?...Seems like they were all just bottom feeders in the end...I guess someone has to profit from misery...I must just be ignorant...
  11. Jimmyb

    The Big Short

    This movie just came out about the housing bubble. I think several members would find it interesting.
  12. Panther

    A Short History of Democrats, Republicans, and Racism

    I was browsing the web and came across this: A Short History of Democrats, Republicans, and Racism Thoughts?
  13. skews13

    Obama Won't Sign Another Short Term Funding Bill
  14. B

    Wait Lists Grow as Many More Veterans Seek Care and Funding Falls Far Short When this problem came up earlier in Obama's presidency, he VOWED to correct the problem and do right by those who sacrificed for our country. I guess he lied...
  15. Z

    Origins of ISIS in a Short Powerful Video

    This video is a must watch for everyone who wants to know how ISIS got it’s start...
  16. imaginethat

    Boehner says Obama's military authorization request falls short

    The latest from our newly inaugurated President Boner. More: Boehner says Obama's military authorization request falls short - LA Times
  17. roastpork

    Here's a short quiz.

    OK here's a 13 question quiz to see how good you guys are at science. I believe that Republicans and Libertarians will score higher than Democrat Lefty Liberals on this really easy quiz. I scored 13/13; but then again I'm really smart.-_- SCIENCE QUIZ Here’s a quiz on how much...
  18. Engineer

    Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged

    Girls With Short Hair Are Damaged Here, I found this pretty strange. This article has caused a flame war between the people I know. All the short haired lesbians, and the dudes. It's more or less a shit-storm on my page. Just gonna say my personal opinion, girls with short hair look like...
  19. TNVolunteer73

    2 million short of the Jan 1 goal.

    Ouch: Obamacare Enrollment Numbers Fall Two Million Short of Goal - Sarah Jean Seman 94 dollar fine, or 6K cost, 5K deductible healthcare plan.. hmmm they are choosing $94 and taking their chances. 1 million sign up. 5 million lost coverage That means uninsured...