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    Pro 2nd Amendment Shows & People

    Podcasts & radio shows: NEW The Second Amendment Show Supporters, activists, personalities:
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    Lists of Political Talk Shows

    In light of what's going on with Alex Jones having his accounts shut down on various platforms, I figured I'd post links to various political talk show hosts for people to explore:
  3. foundit66

    Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for thei

    Data shows a surprising campus free speech problem: left-wingers being fired for their opinions The right has gotten really good at whining over stubbed toes. The party of...
  4. foundit66

    NRA Shows How it Feels About African-Americans Also: The NRA Supported Gun Control When the Black Panthers Had the Weapons
  5. S

    New Report Shows Every Congressional District Benefits From Tax Reform

    A new Heritage Foundation study shows Americans in every congressional district will see a tax cut in 2018. New research from The Heritage Foundation shows that the average American household can expect about $26,000 more in take-home pay over the next 10 years thanks to the tax reform that...
  6. S

    GDP report shows booming 4.1 percent growth

    7/27/2018 Trump: On track to hit highest annual growth rate in over 13 years The U.S. economy grew by 4.1 percent in the second quarter of 2018, marking the fastest economic expansion in nearly four years, according to a highly anticipated estimate released Friday by the Commerce Department...
  7. RNG

    Study shows the Republican President affects family relations

    Here is a report on an interesting study which shows that since the 2016 election, on average people are spending less time with family. Further, the study attributes this to the fact that polarization based on political opinion is the reason. Trump election shortens US Thanksgiving family...
  8. tristanrobin

    With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust

    With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust President Trump’s promotion of elaborate, unproven theories appears to be having a distinct effect. As a candidate, Donald J. Trump claimed that the United States government had known in advance about the Sept. 11...
  9. H

    Trump: Declassified memo 'vindicates' him, shows Russia investigation a 'witch hunt'

    President Trump said the recently released memo alleging intelligence abuse during the FBI investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign “totally vindicates” him. Among his first statements following Friday’s release of the now-declassified memo by Republicans in control of the House...
  10. imaginethat

    North Korea fires missile that shows it can hit 'everywhere in the world'

    Trump previously had warned Kim: Do not try us. So, now what? North Korea fires missile that shows it can hit 'everywhere in the world' North Korea issued a direct challenge to President Donald Trump with the launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) that Defense Secretary...
  11. imaginethat

    Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die

    One person's opinion, but it's spot on. Roy Moore response shows GOP deserves to die This is the sorry culmination of two trends that have disfigured the conservative movement: contempt for the facts and desire to win at all costs. You may have thought that Republicans had sunk as low as...
  12. imaginethat

    Bodycam footage shows Utah police shoot man as he runs away

    Tsk, tsk, more disrespect for the flag, with video, shoot that black MF in the back.... Bodycam footage shows Utah police shoot man as he runs away The Salt Lake City Police Department is the latest US police department to come under scrutiny after bodycam footage shows an officer shooting...
  13. 04960319

    Documents show Pentagon and CIA influence over 2000 hollywood movies/TV Shows Thank God for the Freedom of Information Act. And to think that some people unironically suggested that we should trust (((intelligence agencies))) over wikileaks.
  14. skews13

    How Deranged Are Trump Supporters? PPP Poll Shows It's Worse Than Ever

    Is there any line he can't cross? Apparently not. Because the survey also asked a question referencing Trump's campaign comment that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters. And 45% of Trump voters said they would still approve of him if he shot someone. This is...
  15. L

    Communism and Fascism shows

    More see: Alone I prefer both. And your though this two differents ??
  16. baloney_detector

    Major correction to satellite data shows 140% faster warming since 1998

    And the study can be found here:
  17. B

    Study shows anti-Trump media bias

    Harvard Study Reveals Huge Extent of Anti-Trump Media Bias Shocking, not. Fake news gonna fake news.
  18. T

    The Firing of James Comey on Sunday Shows

    FBI director James Comey's firing isn't well-supported by the American public, according to a new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released Sunday. Just 29 percent of respondents said they approved of Comey's firing, while 38 percent said they disapproved. However, 32 percent of respondents said...
  19. skews13

    Tom Price And Paul Ryan Go On Sunday Shows To Brazenly Lie About Health Bill To Ameri

    Tom Price, liar. It's Sunday, that blessed day reserved for national political figures to appear on morning television shows and lie outright to America. For some reason we put up with this; I'm going to presume it's because very few families own their own pitchforks anymore or even knows...
  20. skews13

    Stunning Fox Poll Shows 55% Ready To Vote Trump Out Of Office

    [/IMG] It is becoming increasingly clear that Donald Trump is alone in his view that the first 100 days of his presidency have been anything but a massive failure. According to the latest Fox News poll, a majority of the country is already eager to vote him out office, with 55 percent...