1. houseknight

    The Sixth World Forum Against... Zionism?

    No, the forum was convened in order to resist anti-Semitism. The entrance to Jerusalem congress center was flaunted the name «The Sixth World Forum For Combatting Anti-Semitism». And yet the title of my article is not accidental, it reflects what was actually being said. I participated in this...
  2. excalibur

    Sixth Circuit Upholds Ohio Voting Law

    The District Court had tossed the reduction in absentee voting days that the Ohio Legislature enacted, the Sixth Circuit reversed. Judicial Watch Statement on Ohio Court's Ruling in Early Voting Case - Judicial Watch 
  3. excalibur

    Sixth Circuit Upholds Homosexual Marriage Ban

    Gay marriage bans in four states upheld, Supreme Court review likely 
  4. excalibur

    Heckler's Veto and the Sixth Circuit

    Thuggery wins, free speech rights lose - The Washington Post Read the rest at the above link. 
  5. bobgnote

    Say hello, to MASS EXTINCTION EVENT 6, everyone!

    In each of the previous 5 mass extinctions, on Earth, atmospheric and aqueous CO2 has risen, faster than organisms can adjust, and so most life forms perish. For review are the 5 previous mass extinctions and this, Mass Extinction Event 6, which I will abbreviate, as "M.E.E.6." Our...
  6. PaperAlchemist

    Sixth Bullied Student Sues Minnesota School District

    What was that about wanting to protect the children?
  7. fxashun

    Sixth extinction is here...

    This is my latest doom and gloom fxashun... The Sixth Extinction (ActionBioscience) How Will the Sixth Extinction Affect Evolution of Species? (ActionBioscience) The Earth's 6th Great Mass Extinction is Occurring as You Read This This is some scary stuff. Back before I had my son, I...