1. tristanrobin

    Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case

    Ginsburg Slaps Gorsuch in Gerrymandering Case In one cutting remark, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg summed up how Justice Neil Gorsuch’s patronizing lecture on the Constitution omitted some of the Court’s most important precedents. Toward the end of the Supreme Court’s argument in Gill v...
  2. GhostRider

    Beck bitch slaps Alt Right low life's.

    Glenn Beck: The alt-right is truly terrifying - Glen Beck must be dieing and trying to get right with his god, he is warning of the dangers of dead breitbart and the soon to be gone alt right.
  3. Camelot

    The Big "O" Bitch Slaps Trump - "Quit Whining"

    This is great. The Big "O" tells Trump that his incessant whining about a rigged election is further evidence that Trump is not tough enough to be the President. Obama: Trump should 'stop whining' about rigged election | TheHill
  4. excalibur

    Federal judge slaps down fracking regulations on federal land

    The rule of law at work. Blog: Obama-appointed federal judge slaps down fracking regulations on federal land 
  5. skews13

    SCOTUS Slaps Down Maker Of Planned Parenthood Videos

    Your clients should have thought about that before they engaged in their web of lies. Lets see if they can take it as well as they dish it out.
  6. pana8

    D'Souza bitch slaps Ayers at Dartmouth

    D'Souza vs. Ayers at Dartmouth on Livestream No wonder they consider D'Souza dangerous and arrested him last week. He left Obama's hero/terrorist in a fetal position in the corner. :lol:
  7. N

    Court Slaps Down Obama Administration Secrecy So Mr. Transparency is suing to keep things hidden ? They allow for "Exempt" Visitors from being disclosed, so he's just trying to keep the "non exempt records" secret too.
  8. CNN

    U.S. slaps new sanctions on Iran

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  9. alias

    Conservative slaps liberal

    I think this is a good idea. I mean, after all, they throw pies at conservative speakers, so they have it coming. javascript:cnnVideo('play','/video/world/2006/05/22/vo.czech.republic.slap.reut','2006/05/29');