1. L

    Even Slate is eviscerating Wolff’s Bullshit book.

    Ouch! When lefty icon websites start taking cover, you know you are toast.
  2. coke

    From Slate with love

    Slate. Yes the leftard inspired rag slate. Here is a story they ran. I am not sure how it got through the censoring but it did. I am sure the Socialist spanked some editor for allowing this but none the less here is some facts instead of leftard inspired hyperbole bullshit. Handguns, suicides...
  3. MSNBC

    Slate: McCain praises Obama as 'patriot'

    The Arizona Republican extends a hand to his old rival in an essay in The Washington Post, praising the president's address for the victims of the Arizona mass shootings. Source - Click here to view the full article