1. J

    Larry Flynt offer 10 million for the smoking gun that brings down Small Hands

    Just read this on my face book page ,it's a Great Idea, first he will pay that amount and most people realize that or with a little research can find it out. Just another possible way to get rid of the biggest threat this country has. This one is a beauty though, you know kind of what president...
  2. excalibur

    SMOKING GUN? Obama Defense Deputy Slips Up On Live TV - Reveals Spying On Trump Team

    SMOKING GUN? Obama Defense Deputy Slips Up On Live TV - Reveals Spying On Trump Team And Leaking Of Intel SMOKING GUN? Obama Defense Deputy Slips Up On Live TV - Reveals Spying On Trump Team And Leaking Of Intel | Zero Hedge It also appears that Farkas was an adviser to Hillary Clinton...
  3. U

    Smoking Joe

    Smoking Joe Biden wants to fight Trump.......ROFL Our VP making statements like that, good gracious alive. What if Trumps running mate said he would like to fight Hillary, boy, that would make the media's drawers get tight.
  4. Sabcat

    Wikileaks Releases Smoking Gun Email Proving Once and For All Clinton is Lying Throug

    Wikileaks Releases Smoking Gun Email Proving Once and For All Clinton is Lying Through Her Teeth – The Free Thought Project oh no!!!
  5. Sabcat

    Smoking the Government Cheese
  6. imaginethat

    7 really surprising health benefits from smoking cannabis

    Cannabis is one of the most useful plants on Earth. It's a travesty that governments and churches have demonized this plant, though it makes sense in that governments and churches are some of the evilest organizations on the planet. More: 7 surprising health benefits that come from weed...
  7. Grizz1

    Smoking gun emails reveal Blair's 'deal in blood' with George Bush

    Leaked White House memo shows former Prime Minister's support for war at summit with U.S. President in 2002 Bombshell document shows Blair preparing to act as spin doctor for Bush, who was told 'the UK will follow our lead' Publicly, Blair still claimed to be looking for diplomatic solution -...
  8. imaginethat

    CO SC to Decide: Can Companies Fire Employees for Smoking Pot

    The last line from this story: I guarantee that zero tolerance drug policy excludes the most dangerous drug, alcohol, and speaks not at all to the many prescription drugs that most definitely have psychotropic effects. Naw, hell, it's just one of those "Ain't we the good folks cause we...
  9. Medicine Man

    Pot Smoking, For (Rookie) Oldsters!!

    * It's allllllllllllllllllllllllllll about..... GET SOME!!!!
  10. rootbeercarrot

    Smoking Bed Bugs

    Smoking Bed Bugs; This idea/concept seems utterly ridiculous to me. It may just be my stubbornness not wanting to admit that people are capable of this caliber of intellect however I am led to believe that this may be a hoax. People Get High By Smoking Bed Bugs | Teenagers Use Bed Bugs To...
  11. K

    easy way to quit smoking!

    I have smoked for 35 years, the last 2, I was up to almost 2 packs of marlboros a day. 2 weeks ago I had to call 911--I thought I was having another pulmonary embolism. couldn't breath, severe chest pain etc... turned out to be really bad pneumonia. both lungs, every lobe and the CT scan showed...
  12. intangible child

    'Marijuana Moms' Say Smoking Weed Makes Them Better Parents (VIDEO)

    There's a buzz happening in Beverly Hills over a group of women who call themselves the "Marijuana Moms." Many of the members of this loosely-knit group of pot-smoking parents smoke the wacky weed in order to relax or cope with chronic pain. In addition, they meet regularly for lavish dinners...
  13. dusty

    Smoking Bannd On Metro North Platforms

    one of the reasons for the mayflower sailing to america to be was to get away from the harsh laws in the country they left 50 dollor fine and 30 days in jail if caut smoking waiting for a train comon now a fine maybe but jail?? this kind of thing goes on in russia. how much you want to bet...
  14. Dude111

    Smoking gun proof that people are paid to lie about 911 This idiot was down there at ground zero while they were clearing it up,his job was to monitor the health and safety situation there.... How can anyone claim that there isnt a cover up over 911 if they view this video ... Its right there,he is covering...
  15. imaginethat

    Smoking Gun Ufo Footage Over Jerusalem

    I scan UFO reports every day. Many are intriguing, but most are simply reports, no pictures, no video, and of the pictures and video that is captured, most appears to be sketchy. This video is very interesting, seems genuine, meaning that it doesn't look faked. What it actually is, you decide...
  16. highway80west

    Sarah Palin: Smoking Pot Is No Big Deal

    Sarah Palin: Smoking Pot Is No Big Deal (June 18) -- Sarah Palin says recreational pot smoking is "relatively speaking a minimal problem" in America. In an otherwise uneventful appearance on the Fox Business Network with Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, Palin said that while she doesn't believe...
  17. CNN

    Commentary: Why not prohibit smoking?

    Cigarettes kill; 400,000 people die prematurely every year from smoking. When we analyze the harm from drugs, there is no doubt that cigarettes are the worst. More...
  18. L


    Smoking is the greatest preventable cause of premature death and avoidable illness. It is a major risk factor for coronary heart disease, strokes and other diseases of the circulatory system, which kill two in every five men and women here. A lifetime non-smoker is 60% less likely than a...
  19. C

    9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns

    9/11: Distinguishing The Propaganda From The Smoking Guns By CB_Brooklyn September 2008 (mirrored on Seven years and the media still lies about 9/11. Disgraceful, isn’t it? A million leaflets, dozens of films, but continued silence. Why is this happening? Why...
  20. X


    I just HAVE to address the smoking issue, even if it IS a thread hijack. Non-smokers have a right to go to a restaurant and not breathe smoke. That does not equate to a right to ban smoking. That DOES mean, that a restaurant has a right, as a privately owned business, to determine...