1. B

    Warning to pie in the sky socialists Venezuela is a corrupt, socialist dictatorship with a rapidly collapsing economy. And it’s on our doorstep.
  2. B

    Another learning experience for socialists Make sure you refute what she says or don't bother posting. I am done with the pinko commies deliberately derailing threads with insults
  3. tristanrobin

    Conservatives will always call socialists hypocrites. Ignore them.

    this is one of the smartest and most articulate of the rebuttals to the ignorant right wing slurs against the left ... Conservatives will always call socialists hypocrites. Ignore them. by Elizabeth Bruenig / July 4 at 4:59 PM Shortly after Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old...
  4. Sabcat

    Big Win for the Socialists in NY
  5. F

    What Will It Take To Divide & Rule Socialists?

    Answer to the title question: Legally define Socialism/Communism as a religion then enforce the first ten words in the First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion Socialists insinuated their religion incrementally; one issue at a time...
  6. Neil

    Question for socialists: what is socialism according to you?

    If you are a socialist, please first state that you are a socialist or proponent of socialism, then explain what is socialism according to you. You don't have to state that you are a socialist or proponent of socialism more than once, if you post more than once on this thread.
  7. coke

    Socialists for peace!

    Police Officer Assaulted In Riots At Trump Rally In San Jose « CBS San Francisco Now wait for it. The Socialists will blame Trump and make the little pussy rioter fucks the victims. Its coming. Just wait for it.
  8. Sabcat

    Dear democratic socialists. An open letter.

    Dear Democratic Socialist, You probably don’t know us. And you’ve likely never heard of this newsletter — or our research service — before. But we are, we would like you to know, equally as impassioned as you are about helping others lift themselves out of poverty. And for that reason...
  9. P

    Reap what you sew progressive socialists!

    What About Obama and Schumer, the Alito Filibuster? - The DENISE SIMON EXPERIENCE Blog Liberal Democrat Progressive Socialist set the precedence! There are some who believe that the President, having won the election, should have the complete authority to appoint his nominee, and the...
  10. Sabcat

    Why nazis were socialists
  11. LongWinded

    How Campaign Finance Disenfranchises America's Silent Majority of Socialists

    How Campaign Finance Disenfranchises America's Silent Majority of Socialists | The Conversation US Corporations will silence the majority and hope they fall down thinking no one else thinks like they do. But they will be surprised on election day.
  12. Sabcat

    Why do socialists hate the environment?

    I just read on here about the socialists wanting to pay women a salary to stay home and breed. Well not them, but the evil business owners or the government. These mind numbing social justice warriors cannot seem to make up their minds. Should women be treated as equals or as vessels for...
  13. coke

    For all you socialists out there..with love B)
  14. coke

    Bad week coming for the socialists

    Federal civil rights charges unlikely against police officer in Ferguson shooting Wow the socialists cant even trump up a charge with their justice department. Guess they need a new deck of race cards
  15. coke

    Shhh this isnt pc enough for the always caring socialists

    Boy, 9, shot dead on South Side - Chicago Tribune 9-year-old fatally shot after running off because he couldn?t have a cupcake, mom says | Voices Nine-Year-Old Boy Shot to Death in Chicago; Obama, Holder, Sharpton Unavailable for Comment | Jammie Wearing Fools