1. foundit66

    Trump Building the United States Space Force for a 21st Century Military Can somebody tell this guy that it's not the Martians we need to worry about but rather the Atlanteans, mermaids and mermen that are going to wage war on us? #sarcasm
  2. B

    Nah we do not need to stop illegal entry into the United States at all Arab Living in Mexico Smuggles 6 Yemenis into U.S. Via Southern Border AUGUST 02, 2018 Email Print Text Size Years after a Judicial Watch investigation uncovered that...
  3. goober

    Fewer white births than deaths in most states

    26 states reported fewer white births than white deaths. Just making room for the, amigo
  4. RNG

    CA to vote on splitting into three states

    I hadn't heard of this movement but it has now reached the point where the guy ramrodding it got ~402,000 signatures on a petition so it will be on the November ballot. What are the odds, do you think?
  5. J

    Daniel Horowitz author at Conservative Review calls for a Convention of States

    . This evening [4/15/18] on Life, Liberty and Levin, Daniel Horowitz, an author at Conservative Review, asserted we need a “Convention of States”. Mr. Levin quickly chimed in, giving his approval. But don’t expect Mr. Horowitz, or Mr. Levin for that matter, to address the many unanswered...
  6. J

    Idaho, a conservative Republican stronghold, rejects a convention of states

    See: House committee defeats resolution calling for constitutional convention Feb 10, 2018 ” BOISE - Idaho will not be joining other states in calling for an Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution. Despite heartfelt pleas for faith, inspiration, trust and patriotism...
  7. imaginethat

    Unusual forms of 'nightmare' antibiotic-resistant bacteria detected in 27 states

    The threat of antibiotic resistant-pathogens is one of the louder ticking timebombs humankind faces. It's damned serious too as science has discovered numerous methods microorganisms transfer genes. More:
  8. Panther

    The Disunited United States

    How well has Putin done at disuniting us?
  9. Sabcat

    Podesta Pressed on How Russians Knew to Focus on Purple States, But not Clinton

    Podesta Pressed on How Russians Knew to Focus on Purple States, But Clinton Campaign Didn't | Fox News Insider
  10. S

    States rights? Some Alabama judges oppose gay marriage — so the state may eliminate marriage licenses Due to disagreements with same-sex marriages, the Legislature in Alabama is...
  11. imaginethat

    Flu Widespread In 46 States As Death Toll Climbs

    How're things in your area? Flu Widespread In 46 States As Death Toll Climbs A southwest Ohio toddler is believed to be one of the latest casualties in what is shaping up to be a particularly severe flu season. The federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention said influenza is widespread...
  12. skews13

    Alarmed By Fake News States Push Media Literacy In Schools

    IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Alarmed by the proliferation of false content online, state lawmakers around the country are pushing schools to put more emphasis on teaching students how to tell fact from fiction. Lawmakers in several states have introduced or passed bills calling on public school...
  13. skews13

    France, Israel, States File Suit Against Apple For Deliberately Slowing Down Phones

    A French activist group has launched a criminal lawsuit against Apple over its policy of slowing down older iPhones in a case that could see the tech giant 's executives jailed and cost it five percent of its income if convicted of the crime of "planned obsolescence". The move by Halte à...
  14. Quigley

    Text of a Letter from the President to the Congress of the United States

    Pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), I hereby report that I have issued the enclosed Executive Order (the “order”) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security...
  15. Camelot

    Mining + Pollution In Western States All Good

    The Con and his lobbyist friendly EPA chief reverse mining regulation that requires operations to prove a pollution cleanup plan before mining. Now, western states will continue to be saddled with the legacy costs of their pollution. More privatize profit and socialize costs brought to you by...
  16. roastpork

    Which States give the most?

    Yep, Illinois right up there.:blink: Holiday spirit: These are the most charitable states in America | Fox Business
  17. B

    Are Red States Tax Takers And Blue States Tax Makers?
  18. skews13

    Republican Tax Reform Is Simply Red States Stealing From Blue States

    What the Republicans unveiled in Washington may look like a welcome, long-overdue simplification of the tax code. But don’t be fooled. It’s actually a Trojan horse. It is designed to give away money to the children of the super rich, to the religious right and the so-called red states that...
  19. Quigley

    New Rule: Residents In Some States May Need Passports For Domestic Flights In 2018

    You may have thought you don't need a passport because you don't travel outside the United States. But for residents of some states, this may change, pending the above info, for any commercial flight, whether international or domestic. To get past TSA security checkpoints, another form of...
  20. avlis

    United States America weapons stop

    United States America . What do you need police for? if all US citizens carry weapons.United States America has more weapons than population,better not have police, after all the police are the citizens themselves in my country they only sell guns for sport hunting, and anyone caught on the...