1. B

    Walmart gearing up to launch own cashierless stores via secret “Project Kepler”

    Walmart’s plan for the future is quite simple and straightforward, as relayed through a recent exclusive report on The company owns a startup incubator, called Store. No. 8, which is currently working on a so-called under-the-radar project, known simply as Project Kepler. It is...
  2. mayeve

    Immigration Agents Descend on 7-Eleven Stores

    Immigration Agents Descend on 7-Eleven Stores to Open Audits, Interview Workers The action appears to open a new front in President Donald Trump's sharp expansion of immigration enforcement, which has already brought a 40 percent increase in deportation arrests U.S. immigration agents...
  3. Lyzza

    Target stores attacked by pornographic pranksters

    Oh my god, this is too funny!!!! Okay, yeah, it would suck if I was in the store with young kids. But, since I don't have young kids, I probably would have been laughing the whole time! Target stores attacked by pornographic pranksters - BBC News
  4. LongWinded

    Papa John's Stores To Dish Up Half A Million Dollars In Wage Theft Case

    Papa John's Stores To Dish Up Half A Million Dollars In Wage Theft Case "Free Market" means we can treat American workers like shit and just hope we don't get caught. What assholes. They need to be boycotted.
  5. B

    Stores fined because blacks steal

    Macy’s agreed to pay $650,000 on Wednesday to settle charges of racial profiling at its flagship Manhattan department store. Barneys has now agreed to pay $525,000 in fees and penalties and to implement a series of changes to ensure it does not discriminate against black and Hispanic customers.
  6. Medicine Man

    Why Do Republicans Hate Mom-And-Pop Stores??

    . :huh: .
  7. pana8

    Flash mobs hitting Cali. stores

    Those strict gun laws seem to be working perfectly for the criminals. Flash Mob Robberies Chicago - YouTube
  8. excalibur

    Bankrupt Oregon Ethanol Plant Now Stores ND Crude

    Go North Dakota crude! ++++++++++++++++++++++ Bankrupt Oregon ethanol plant now stores ND crude PORTLAND, Ore. — An ethanol plant on the Columbia River that was built with the help of $36 million in Oregon state loans and tax credits is now being used to store and ship crude oil...
  9. T

    15 Ways Stores Trick You Into Spending Money...

    Ever notice how you can go to a store to pick up just one thing and then, by the time you get to the check stand, you have five or six things in your cart and a bigger bill than you had anticipated? 15 ways stores trick you into spending - MSN Money
  10. Dylan

    On Wegmans, and Other Large Chain Stores

    We've had Wegmans around here for a while now, but after an expansion and two new locations opened in my area, local businesses have begun to complain. Compared to these local businesses, Wegmans has better fresh produce, better selection, and a wide variety of foods which might be hard to...