1. Ray Kaye

    What Is It When Straight Folks Do It?

    *** NOM’s Ruth Institute: “Anal Sex Is Icky” August 22, 2011 1:23 pm ET by Carlos Maza The Ruth Institute -- a project of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) -- is working hard to keep up its recent trend of overtly homophobic rhetoric. In an August 19 blog post, Ruth...
  2. S

    Straight Privilege

    Food for thought for the bigots: [/list]
  3. tristanrobin

    Judge Rules Gay Softball Team Can Limit Straight Players

    I am totally against this ruling .... Federal judge in Seattle OK’s gay softball organization’s limit on number of straight players By Associated Press, Published: June 2...
  4. elmo5159

    Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership

    Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership - World news - Europe - LONDON— Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle are in love and want to tie the knot — but they don't want to get married. The 26-year-old Londoners think they should be allowed to have a civil partnership, a form...
  5. T

    Straight for Equality

    Donate to Straight for Equality on — - Fundraising Made Simple “I always wanted to be one of those people who would make things change for my gay friends – I just wasn’t sure how or where to do it.” Sound familiar? Chances are it does...
  6. tristanrobin

    Straight Shoulders Support Gays in the Mililtary

    Watch: Straight Soldiers Show Their Support for Gays in the Military by Dancing to Ke$ha - Towleroad, More than gay news. More gay men
  7. L

    The State of Straight Marriage

  8. Cubbie

    Straight spouses advocate same-sex marriage

    SAN FRANCISCO – Wah Cheong, a lifelong Republican and the soon-to-be divorced father of two teenage boys, sometimes surprises his co-workers and neighbors in a relatively conservative community outside San Francisco when he says he supports same-sex marriage. "Here is my...
  9. Nwolfe35

    Getting your priorities straight

    Fla. students sent home over for shirts on Islam - Yahoo! News-- A gem of a quote from the story: The shirts are connected to a local church called the Dove World Outreach Center. Church Senior Pastor Terry Jones tells The Gainesville Sun that spreading the church's message is more...
  10. Purple_Monkey-Dishwasher

    Gay vs. Straight BCS bowl picks.

    Okay fellas. Letting show the straighties that we do know about sports. Pick the winner of each of the 5 games and by how many points. Rose USC by 10 Orange UC by 6 Sugar Bama by 17 Fiesta Texas by 12 BCS championship Florida by 9
  11. tristanrobin

    Court: Straight Man Can Be Victim of Homophobia

    Court: Straight man can be victim of homophobia By 365gay Newscenter Staff 12.22.2008 2:06pm EST (London) Britain’s Court of Appeal has reversed a lower court ruling that had said a man was not entitled to file a homophobic harassment case against his former employer because he...
  12. CNN

    Straight from the House's mouth: Why bailout failed

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  13. tristanrobin

    I Wonder How Many Straight Couples Could Survive

    knowing that marriage has only a 50% success rate as it is, I wonder how many could survive with this kind of added stress .... Homophobic Attacks Lead Gay Couple To Split by Newscenter Staff Posted: April 15, 2008 - 5:00 pm ET (Edinburgh) Dreams of domestic bliss following...
  14. tristanrobin

    Straight Couples Lose Freedoms Next

    Group Behind Virginia Anti-Gay Amendment Now Targets Divorcing Straight Couples (Richmond, Virginia) The organization that mounted the successful bid to amend Virginia's constitution to block same-sex marriage, civil unions and domestic partner benefits says it will now concentrate on making...
  15. foundit66

    Straight Kansan loves his rainbow flag

    SUMMARY: A Kansas B&B owner who hoists a Pride flag over his small-town establishment soon learns the true colors of his neighbors. A bed-and-breakfast owner in Meade, Kansas, has created a tempest with the rainbow Pride flag, a gift from his son, that he hoisted three weeks ago next to the...