1. imaginethat

    Psychedelics may physically alter the structure of the brain

    I can testify that psychedelics including marginally cannabis indeed "changed" my perceptions of the physical world, the way things look, the way light appears, the way music sounds, amongst other changes. Apparently, this altering of brain structure can be useful in treating depression...
  2. excalibur

    U.S. court rules CFPB structure unconstitutional

    U.S. court rules CFPB structure unconstitutional, bureau can still operate | Reuters 
  3. Boo

    The Power Structure in Iran

    While Western governments welcomed the election of Mohammad Khatami -- a forward-thinking cleric known for his moderate views -- to the presidency in 1997 (and again in 2001), there are areas of the Iranian power structure over which he has virtually no control, including the armed services...
  4. G

    The Arc A Formal Structure For A Palestinian State

    The arc A Formal Structure for a Palestinian State produced by the Rand Corporation. It is a giant leap in the right direction into finding a peaceful solution in the Palestinian-Israeli crisis. It is a ten year plan to develop the West Bank one day connecting it to Gaza. It addresses many of...
  5. C

    The Structure of Science?

    The Structure of Science? The main philosophical problems of modern society are intimately associated with Tom and Jane’s enchantment with Science. Normal science is, for too many, an enchanted idol that is perceived as the savior of humanity. No matter what dastardly things humans may do...