1. skews13

    How Free Market Policies Worsened The Student Loan Debt Crisis

    For the history. Back in the 1990s, when the Newt Gingrich caucus won back control of the House and Senate from the Democrats, one of the first major policies that they demanded was to undo the ‘93 student loan reform bill, and make the student loan industry into a ‘’free market.’’ What that...
  2. L

    Smith College Employee Called Police On Black Student Eating Lunch

    Busted for going to school while black: She deserves to know who did this. The employee's name should be released.
  3. Sabcat

    Women Owe More in Student Debt Than Men. You Can Blame That on the Patriarchy. Goddamn patriarchy
  4. Sabcat

    Hero Student Of Parkland Massacre Files Suit Against Sheriff's Office And School
  5. Twisted Sister

    Ohio Student - Was his right to free speech abridged?

    An Ohio student got suspended from school for staying in class and not going to the protest about gun control. As far as I know it was only one student in the entire State of Ohio, sad but true.
  6. Sabcat

    Student carrying a Trump flag was assaulted during walk-out
  7. Sabcat

    New Prague High School student escorted off property during walkout

    New Prague High School student escorted off property during walkout | Education |
  8. goober

    Teacher accidentally fires gun and injures student during safety lesson

    By accident, the kid will live, so no problem...
  9. xMathFanx

    Are Universities Over-Catering to Highly Disruptive Student Protests?

    Are Universities Over-Catering to Highly Disruptive Student Protests? Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Exhibit C: Exhibit D...
  10. Sabcat

    Evergreen State College President Gives into Demands of Leftist Student Protesters This is addressed in here but for those of you that don't want to go through the entire show the confrontation between the teacher and...
  11. GhostRider

    Alt righter murders black college student and newly commissioned Army 2nd. Lt. Alt right hate monger murders black student. trump's kind of people, our own home grown terrorists. FBI investigating if it was a hate crime.
  12. foundit66

    Only federally funded voucher program has negative effect on student achievement

    Nation’s only federally funded voucher program has negative effect on student achievement, study finds...
  13. S

    Great letter penned by high school student

    Gives me hope in young people. My only problem is it was taken down were it a gay pride poster or lgbt poster it would be left alone, kind of the students point i guess 'Straight Pride' fliers...
  14. excalibur

    Trans Student Twerks In Girls’ Bathroom, Parents File Lawsuit

    What happens when the insane, or the twisted, get their way. That, and the dumb asses in the Øbama administration. Parents File Lawsuit After Trans Student Twerks In Bathroom | The Daily Caller Liberalism is a mental disorder. 
  15. excalibur

    ‘All Lives Matter’ Gets Texas Student Suspended, Sent To Diversity Workshop

    The insanity of the left. 'All Lives Matter': Texas Student Sent To Diversity Workshop | The Daily Caller 
  16. P

    Tense Scene Unfolds When Black Woman Accuses White Student of Cultural Appropriation

    This is tragic, I am glad it was filmed. If she grabbed my arm she would be told to kindly let go or assault charges would be filed. San Francisco State University said Tuesday it had opened an investigation after a viral video captured a black female student accuse a while male student...
  17. C

    The Every Student Succeeds Act

    Today, President Obama signed the Every Student Succeeds Act. What do you think are some notable differences between this act and the No Child Left Behind Act? Do you think the ESSA will be better or worse than NCLB? Or will it be the same?
  18. Sabcat

    School cop punches student for not having a hall pass

    Oklahoma City, OK – A school resource officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting a student on a surveillance recording. The student had reportedly been in the hallway without a pass, and after he was confronted by officer Thomas Jaha, he went to get a drink of water. Since...
  19. Lyzza

    How A Top Student Ended Up Picking Potatoes: #15Girls

    Oh my god, this is so fucking sad I want to vomit. Seriously. This asshole with the stick needs it shoved up his butt. Beating refugee kids working for him in the fields! What the fuck is going on here?! And people want to piss and moan about how "dangerous" and "scary" these Syrian...
  20. LongWinded

    Republican Student Loan Bill Is A Handout To The Loan Industry

    Republican Student Loan Bill Is A Handout To The Loan Industry | ThinkProgress Well, when your party allows itself to be bribed by Wall Street, these are the anti-American family bills you give the nation.