1. F

    First Eliminate Subsidies

    As President Trump was heading for the door he dropped a bomb on G7 leaders when he said the world should eliminate all tariffs: Earlier in the day, before Mr. Trump left the summit, he brought up the dramatic prospect of completely eliminating tariffs on goods and services, even as he...
  2. S

    Farm subsidies?

    Farm subsidies? Can a group member please explain or link me to an explanation of the current method for federal price supports of agricultural commodities? I've been browsing through the 1946 – 1952 volume of Truman's autobiographies and I read his too brief explanation of the then...
  3. LongWinded

    Judge Orders State To Give Millions In Subsidies To Creationist Amusement Park

    Judge Orders State To Give Millions In Subsidies To Creationist Amusement Park | ThinkProgress What a crock. This nation is going to hell in a handbag. This will be overturned. And this will put the final nail in the coffin of radical right religious wing nuts.
  4. RNG

    Lamborghini Gets Subsidies

    This story explains how the Italian government, a good Eurowienie Socialist pinko blot on humanity gained a Lamborghini factory for the building of their new SUV by giving them tax breaks. I thought this was bad and socialist countries would never do this. Lamborghini confirms Italy base...
  5. skews13

    Amerivan Voters Soundly Reject GOP Strategy To Eliminate ACA Subsidies

    Huge Majority Of American Voters Reject Republican Plan To Eliminate Obamacare Subsidies A national tracking poll on healthcare, released by Morning Consult on Tuesday, reveals that only 15% of registered voters agree with opponents of the Affordable Care Act that federal subsidies...
  6. L

    Obama Paid Obamacare Architect Says No Subsidies For Federal Exchange

    Obama Paid Obamacare Architect Says No Subsidies For Federal Exchange, By Design and Intent. No subsidies for Federal Obamacare exchanges, it is the law of the land, get used to it. In 2012, Obamacare's Architect Agreed With 'Right-Wing' Strategy To 'Gut' Obamacare - Forbes "Earlier this...
  7. skews13

    Ryan Budget Depends On Obamacare Subsidies GOP Wants Struck Down

    Ryan budget depends on Obamacare subsidies GOP wants courts to strike*down When two appeals courts issued conflicting rulings Tuesday on whether Obamacare's health insurance subsidies apply to the 34 states that chose to let the federal government run their exchanges, Republicans were...
  8. L

    Obamacare subsidies to reach $11 billion

    Add another $11 billion to the $8,000 billion debt that Obama has already racked up. Obamacare subsidies to reach $11 billion; healthcare system running entirely on unsustainable debt spending Obamacare subsidies to reach $11 billion; healthcare system running entirely on...
  9. TNVolunteer73

    Government Healthcare subsidies cause the REAL PRICE of health insurance to ~ double.

    How The Affordable Care Act Pays For Insurance Subsidies : Shots - Health News : NPR The new health care law will provide around $1 trillion in subsidies to low- and middle-income Americans over the next decade to help them pay for health insurance The money to pay for the subsidy must be...
  10. intangible child

    Corporate Welfare in Natural Resources Subsidies

    Miller Bill Targets Corporate Welfare in Natural Resources Subsidies | Taxpayers for Common Sense
  11. skews13

    Breaking: Judge Declines To Halt Obamacare Insurance Subsidies

    Judge declines to halt 'Obamacare' insurance subsidies | Reuters Oct 22 (Reuters) - Foes of President Barack Obama's healthcare law lost a bid on Tuesday to put an immediate stop to a key part of the law - the insurance subsidies in the 34 U.S. states that declined to establish their own...
  12. excalibur

    Obamacare Subsidies Lawsuit Goes Forward

    BREAKING: Judge Refuses to Dismiss Case Challenging Obamacare Subsidies Katie Pavlich | Oct 22, 2013 UPDATE: The judge will not issue an injunction to stop the IRS from issuing subsidies, meaning Obamacare can move forward as planned. However, the lawsuit will also move forward and depending on...
  13. TNVolunteer73


    GOP offers bill, 1 requiremet CONGRESS MUST BE ON OBAMA CARE NO SUBSIDIES Nancy Pelosi said, you will have to pass it with ONLY GOP VOTES... So Princess Pelosi said OBAMACARE IS NOT FOR WE ROYALS.
  14. skews13

    Americas Most Obvious Tax Reform Idea Kill Oil And Gas Subsidies

    America's Most Obvious Tax Reform Idea: Kill the Oil and Gas Subsidies - Jordan Weissmann - The Atlantic When Saudi Arabia's longtime oil minister, Ali Al-Naimi, opens his mouth, the world listens. Yesterday, during a speech in Hong Kong, he delivered a message that U.S. policy makers in...
  15. skews13

    Is Your Rep One Who Gets Subsidies But Voted To Cut SNAP?

    Click link to see the faces of these dirtbags Is Your Congressman One Of The 13 Who Get Federal Farm Subsidies But Voted To Cut Food Stamps? | The New Civil Rights Movement Can you think of a better example of inhumane hypocrisy from our members of Congress than one that literally...
  16. Truth Detector

    48% of policyholders will get health-law subsidies, report says

    So if 48% of policy holders are going to get subsidies, who is paying for this added cost? I thought that this was going to be revenue neutral and bring down healthcare costs? Another lie and false promise by Obama? You decide. 48% of policyholders will get health-law subsidies, report...
  17. Uncle Han

    Oil & Gas Tax Provisions Are Not Subsidies For "Big Oil"

    Oil & Gas Tax Provisions Are Not Subsidies For "Big Oil" “Now my recollection of what a subsidy means is when you are given money to do something. I guess when I drilled 17 dry holes in a row I missed that pay window. No one sent me a check.” – Harold Hamm, Chairman and CEO of Continental...
  18. roastpork

    Subsidies, good or bad for America.

    <span style="font-family:'comic sans ms', cursive;">The Federal Gov. should cease all subsidies, this practice undermines the very foundation of a Capitalistic society. It affects competition, and falsely determines winners and losers; and besides the government hasn’t had much success at...
  19. The White House

    President Obama Speaks On Repealing Subsidies For Oil Companies

    President Obama calls on Congress end taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s never been more profitable, and instead use that money to double-down on investments in clean energy technologies that have never been more promising. Source -...
  20. intangible child

    Tell Congress: Big Oil Subsidies Must Stop.

    While the price of oil skyrockets, oil companies are pulling in massive profits and collecting tidy subsidies from American taxpayers. Something is dreadfully wrong with this picture. The Senate may soon vote on a measure to end Big Oil subsidies, which amounts to 4 billion dollars a year. Ask...