1. Sabcat

    Muslims suffer insanity, low IQ, recessive disorders from 1400 years inbreeding
  2. Sabcat

    Ron Paul: The People Will Not Suffer From Brexit, Only the Global Banking Elite Will

    Ron Paul: The People Will Not Suffer From Brexit, Only the Global Banking Elite Will
  3. Grizz1

    Markets suffer their worst start to the year since Great Depression

    The start of this year has been the worst for financial markets since the onset of the Great Depression, with stock prices slumping around the world amid mounting concern over the situation in China. A wave of selling has swept the world’s leading financial centres over the past two weeks...
  4. roastpork

    Obama wants his kids to suffer?

    What a crock this is, like their jobs will be so hard and under valued.:mellow: Obamas: Our Girls Will Get Minimum Wage Jobs to Learn 'Hard Work'
  5. roastpork

    Kids suffer in New Jersey.

    I wonder what WT thinks about this?:mellow: Thousands of NJ Children Losing Coverage Due to Obamacare
  6. F

    Even the disabled suffer our "misfortune".

    Black thugs beat disabled white man. News Team More and more white people are terrified to use the public transportation that their tax dollars subsidize for fear of being the victim of a racially motivated attack. As a disabled white man waited for the public bus in Seattle, a...
  7. intangible child

    Northeast US to suffer most from future sea rise

    . WASHINGTON (AP) — The northeastern U.S. coast is likely to see the world's biggest sea level rise from man-made global warming, a new study predicts. However much the oceans rise by the end of the century, add an extra 8 inches or so for New York, Boston and other spots along the coast...
  8. garysher

    Women suffer Discrimination from Health Insurers

    Gouging Women on Health Insurance NY Times November 3, 2008 As tens of thousands of workers lose their jobs — and their group health insurance — in a worsening economy, they will have to scramble to find affordable insurance policies in the open market. The problems will be particularly...
  9. Rod

    As usual greed and corruption rules and we suffer

    News from the world of the politics of keeping the poor and middle class under thumb. Energy multiplier stopped at the US Patent office to keep energy cost high for everyone. joseph_newman_solar_2.mp4 The Energy Machine of Joseph Newman Inspired by God a man pursues the dream of...
  10. garysher

    Christians suffer workplace discrimination from homosexual activists

    Apparently our topsy turvy society now thinks that discussing "Natural Family, Marriage, and Family Values" is hateful and discriminatory! This case involves two African-American, Christian females employed in the Community and Economic Development Agency (“CEDA”) of the City of Oakland...
  11. AlicornsPrayer

    How Will My Marriage Suffer In Regards To Procreation?

    I figured that since someone else want's to use the 'procreation' card as a reason to deny SSM, that we needed a seperate area to discuss the procreation theory rather then interrupt the SANCTITY issue I asked previously... Ok, the anti-SSM crowd also says that if two same sex couples...