1. tristanrobin

    The 8 Kinds of Black Donald Trump Supporters

    :lol: One of my favorite political pundits just published his essay of the week - a good one :lol: The 8 Kinds of Black Donald Trump Supporters Omarosa Manigault, former professional football player Jim Brown, former professional football player Ray Lewis, and Pastor Darrell Scott...
  2. foundit66

    The Conspiratorial Mindset among the President’s Supporters I think the last paragraph hits the nail on the head.
  3. skews13

    Trump Is Selling Out America And His Supporters Love It

    Meanwhile, something worth contemplating is the $1 billion lent to Donald Trump by a bank with some shady practices. Justin Kennedy, the bank official who made the loan, is the son of the Supreme Court justice who just stepped down in time to give Trump a nomination to make just ahead of the...
  4. tristanrobin

    The Times finally gets to the bottom of Trump supporters

    The Times Finally Gets to the Bottom of Trump Supporters: It Turns Out They're Garbage Human Beings Go team adultery / child detention / fake charities / money laundering / sexism / racism / actual genuine treason. In the New York Times' quest to get to the bottom of what makes every...
  5. L

    Turkey's abrupt decision to hold early elections took supporters of Gülen by surprise

    According to the Anadolu news agency, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bekir Bozdağ said that much talked-of decision to hold early elections in Turkey 'has become a step which helped foil the plans of anti-Turkish forces'. Judging from the latest reports, speeding-up of the election campaign...
  6. K

    Trump's supporters want respect

    They'll get it when their master respect others.
  7. H

    At what point do Hillary supporters admit she has Parkinson's Yawning
  8. Nwolfe35

    At what point do Trump supporters admit he is unfit?

    Trump has canceled a trip to London to commemorate the opening of the new US embassy. And the reason he is not going? (You can’t make this shit up!) OBAMA Yes, our current moron-in-Chief is actually using the former President as an excuse to insult our closest ally.
  9. TNVolunteer73

    Interesting perspective from Hillary supporters.
  10. J

    I have to wonder, what do Small hands supporters think?

    AS one after the other of their right wing politicians go after this screw ball. The number seems to increase daily. I have the lowest opinion of the right , just being able to elect a mentally ill hate candidate and put him right next to the little red button that once pushed ends mankind...
  11. tristanrobin

    Trump Brags About His Poor, Stupid Supporters Paying His Legal Bills

    Trump Brags About His Poor, Stupid Supporters Paying His Legal Bills There are primarily two types of poor people in this country: 1. Those who are struggling because they have an entire power structure rigged against them 2. Those who have no money because they are, frankly, morons...
  12. tristanrobin

    A Picture of a Black Person Can Anger Trump Supporters and Change Their Politics

    A Picture of a Black Person Can Anger Trump Supporters and Change Their Politics Trump voters are very complex. They are conservatives who believe big government is getting out of hand. They want lower taxes for the middle class. They believe in comprehensive immigration reform. They want an...
  13. Gordy

    Trump Supporters Be Like

  14. tristanrobin

    Trump Supporters Still Fixated on Clinton as Mood Darkens

    This sounds a lot like what we hear here at DTT Wayne Bisher, a lifelong Democrat, says he looks forward to voting for a Democrat for president again someday. But when the 68-year-old heard Donald Trump’s message on the campaign trail last year, promising to protect American manufacturing...
  15. skews13

    How Deranged Are Trump Supporters? PPP Poll Shows It's Worse Than Ever

    Is there any line he can't cross? Apparently not. Because the survey also asked a question referencing Trump's campaign comment that he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters. And 45% of Trump voters said they would still approve of him if he shot someone. This is...
  16. tristanrobin

    Trump Supporters Are SO Dishonest

    A Connecticut man who wrote anti-Trump graffiti at an elementary school claimed he did it "out of 'anger toward liberals,'" police said. Steven Marks, 32, was ordered on Wednesday to stay off of Morley Elementary School after he allegedly vandalized playground equipment and a sign on June...
  17. tristanrobin

    NPR Reads Declaraction of Independence; Trump Supporters Scream "Propaganda!"

    ‘Calling for a revolution!’: Trump fans ‘triggered’ after NPR tweets out the Declaration of Independence For 29 years, National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition” has celebrated the Fourth of July with a reading of the Declaration of Independence by hosts, reporters, newscasters and commentators...
  18. Clara007

    The Truth About Trump Supporters

    Tell me you are conservative. Tell me you are Christian. Tell me you are Republican. Tell me any of these things, and I won't make too many assumptions about you. Sure, I may assume you go to church every Sunday, eat red meat, and get most of your news from Fox and Friends, but beyond that, I...
  19. RNG

    Question for state's rights supporters

    Do you agree with what the governors of California, Washington State and New York are doing? CA Gov. Jerry Brown joins climate alliance in wake of Trump decision on Paris Agreement |
  20. GhostRider

    Trump supporters lying to support their liar in chief. Dim witted trump supporters obviously lying to support their god trump. Too funny.