1. guy39

    Federal Budget Surplus for April Largest on Record

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  2. LongWinded

    There Is No Budget Surplus in Wisconsin

    There Is No Budget Surplus in Wisconsin lol More teabagging "success" budget stories revealed. Whoopie doo...these guys know how to ruin an economy.
  3. excalibur

    VA Has A Healthcare Surplus - Again

    So much for the BS spewed and skewed around the internet. And these folks, the usual suspects, want single payer health care for all Americans. VA Has A Healthcare Surplus - Again The only parts of the government that refuse to spend money are the ones that deal with things that Obama Inc...
  4. skews13

    GOP In A Panic Over Midterms With Budget Surplus

    President Running A Budget Surplus - GOP In A Panic As They Witness Election Hopes Evaporate - Here comes the fiscal cliff fight again, with the GOP ready to take the nation hostage in order to hurt the middle class for their corporate overseas masters…. but wait a second, instead of...
  5. skews13

    Largest Surplus In US History Shatters Record
  6. skews13

    Without Republicans To Obstruct Him California Governor Creates Budget Surplus

    California, Without Republicans To Obstruct, Creates Budget Surplus In February Texas republican Governor Rick Perry made a trip to California. His supposed intent was to lure California businesses to Texas. The premise is that Texas is more business friendly than California. To be sure...
  7. Wow

    Iraq's $79 Billion surplus!

    This type of news will be used by the MSM to smear the Iraqi Govt. Nevermind, the war in Iraq has already been won and is over. LOL WASHINGTON — The Iraqi government could end the year with as much as a $79 billion budget surplus as ever-increasing oil revenues pile on top of leftover...