1. RNG

    Trump bragged about classified Syria skirmish at fundraiser

    This was mentioned in the Axios AM Newsletter so I did some digging and look what I found. But ohes, noes, Hillary emails, scandal, the end of the world as we know it. And secret Israeli intelligence. That's fair game to brag about too if you are a narcissist president, isn't it...
  2. Z

    Reality Check: Who’s Funding the White Helmets?

    “As the U.S. moves closer toward all out war in Syria, a lot of what our government seems to base its intelligence on, especially claims of chemical weapon use by they Syrian government, is an impartial humanitarian group called the White Helmets. You’ve no doubt, heard of the White Helmets...
  3. imaginethat

    Why Russia did not respond to the US strikes on Syria

    Truly, the "retaliation" for Assad's use of chemical weapons has all been an act starring Assad and Putin. Gas a few people, Sunnis not Assad's kind of Muslim, the US freaks out, launches a buttload of missiles that really don't do sh*t, it's clear that Assad will stay in power, in the US...
  4. imaginethat

    Infowars’ Alex Jones Cries on Air Over Syria Strikes: “Trump Is Crapping All Over Us”

    Poor Alex, et al. I've followed Alex for years. At one time he made sense, when he spoke truth to power about the Iraq War. But, he now stands as evidence. He. Alex now shows what unbridled hatred does to a person. Please, go to the link and watch this madman rant. He literally hates...
  5. Camelot

    FOX Suggest Syria Attack Would Distract From Comey

    On FOX and Friends this morning the question was asked if a Syria attack would distract the media’s attention away from the release of Comey’s book on Tuesday. Keep in mind that they know that Don the Con watches them religiously and acts on their suggestions. In addition to being just a...
  6. G

    A missile attack has started for Syria.

    The President just announced Great Britian, France and the US have begun the action. What comes next???
  7. J

    So who gassed the Syrian people in Syria

    That's the question and if you have a thought on this,why then did they do it?
  8. RNG

    The Republican President on Syria, today and yesterday

    Today via twitter. I guess with this presidency, that was redundant. The figurative "yesterday". I will avoid the redundancy this time.
  9. T

    It true off IS victim in Syria ?

    If truelly victim in Syria conflicts terrorist group IS can this terrorists wins against regim and ally Russia then Kurds and turks in north Syria I hope IS win. :ph34r:
  10. skews13

    US Air Strikes Killed Hundreds Of Russian Mercenaries In Syria

    Academi? Hmm... And then I saw this story on Politico; Keep this on your radar.
  11. Gordy

    Erdoğan accuses US of planning to form 'terror army' in Syria =@ What are your thoughts on this situation?
  12. Quigley

    Is Iran Trying to Bring Islamic End-of-Days in Syria?

    Iran is establishing bases in Syria, but according to some sources, their preparations to engage Israel are motivated far more by Messianic aspirations than military or political ones. Iran has frequently stated its desire to destroy Israel, claiming the Jewish state as the focus of its...
  13. Quigley

    UK Will Not Prosecute Returning ISIS Terrorists From Syria and Iraq

    A top UK official told the BBC last week that ISIS terrorists from the UK returning from Syria and Iraq will not be prosecuted. Instead, the government will try to reintegrate them back into society because they were "naive" when they joined the genocidal terrorist group. This came just two...
  14. K

    BRICS Issues Joint Statement: Illegal Military Intervention in Syria Is Unacceptable

    Not seen in mainstream media.
  15. S

    Former top Obama official admits: ‘We always knew’ Syria still had chemical weapons,

    Former top Obama official admits: ?We always knew? Syria still had chemical weapons, lied anyway ? TheBlaze Obama Administration Knew Syria Still Had Chemical Weapons, Despite Saying Otherwise | The Weekly Standard Guess What? The Obama Administration's Claim That Syria Didn't Have...
  16. excalibur

    Jan. 2017 - Susan Rice - No ChemWeapons in Syria

    Well. In January, Susan Rice Assured NPR the Obama Admin Removed Chemical Weapons From Syria | The Weekly Standard 
  17. GhostRider

    Syria kills more with suspected gas attack

    Suspected gas attack in Syria reportedly kills dozens - CNN Putin backs the Syrian government that kills innocent civilians with gas (a WMD) The President of the United States, the liar trump, backs Putin. What does that say about the liar trump?
  18. coke

    Israel reportedly launches strike on Syria as tensions rise

    Israel reportedly launches strike on Syria as tensions rise Has anyone else been seeing very much about this on the MSM. I mean sure, this came from MSN,but I mean on nightly news an such. I admit I do not watch nightly news but you would think there would be something more than just a MSN...
  19. F

    What's your attitude to Moscow's draft Constitution for Syria?

    So In Astana Russia has given rebels a draft version of a new constitution for Syria drawn up by Moscow to speed up political negotiations to end the conflict. What is your opinion? Will it affect situation in Syria?