1. Sabcat

    Miller gives Tapper smackdown on Clown News Network

    Triggered https://youtu.be/p_KFUULOqBY
  2. skews13

    Tapper cuts hyperventilating Miller loose - "I’ve wasted enough of my viewers time"

  3. GhostRider

    CNN's Tapper schools Trump on leaks / conspiracies

    ?These are facts?: CNN?s Jake Tapper humiliates Trump for calling news reports ?conspiracy theories? Watch video, Jake Tapper of CNN's "fake news" schools trump and calls him out on his lies. The best thing trump has done to make America great is too piss off the press and intelligence, they...
  4. Uncle Han

    Tapper Peeks into Benghazigate

    Tapper Peeks into Benghazigate CNN's Jake Tapper peeked over the transom of that dark room into which the MSM has swept the Benghazigate scandal, but that peek was just a small blessing for which we should just give small thanks. His report was not an investigation, and many...