1. S

    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect.

    Taxes upon corporations have sales tax like effect. Political conservatives are more likely believe those whose incomes are insufficient to be subject to federal income tax, pay no federal taxes and contribute nothing to USA's economy. They're also likely to be opposed to corporate taxes and...
  2. S

    New Report Shows Every Congressional District Benefits From Tax Reform

    A new Heritage Foundation study shows Americans in every congressional district will see a tax cut in 2018. New research from The Heritage Foundation shows that the average American household can expect about $26,000 more in take-home pay over the next 10 years thanks to the tax reform that...
  3. skews13

    GOP Congressman Buys $3M Yacht After Voting For Tax Scam

    Why would a wealthy Congressman treat himself to a luxurious yacht you say? The answer is simple and why we call the tax bill the #GOPTaxScam. The wealthy are lavished with massive tax breaks, thus they can afford another yacht or two. Buchanan’s net-worth is nearly $74 million and the...
  4. B

    Miami Beach looks to insure tourism tax revenue

    First, Brazil's economy tanked and a strong U.S. dollar prompted would-be international travelers to stay home. Then Zika scared off visitors. By the time Hurricane Irma hit last September, hotels and other tourism-dependent businesses were already reeling. And it wasn't just the tourism...
  5. imaginethat

    6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop

    Yup, whatever gain ordinary folks are seeing is being offset at least partially by the rising cost of groceries and fuel ... and we haven't seen the effects of the trade war just yet, but it's in the pipe. More: 6 months in, GOP tax bill an utter flop | TheHill Assholes, always looking...
  6. F

    The Half-Life Of A Tax

    In 1996, several U.S. states and municipalities began to see Internet services as a potential source of tax revenue. I am surprised it took so long for parasites to impose a tax on Internet purchases:
  7. Sabcat

    How Seattle’s New Tax to Fight Homelessness Could Ruin Its Economy

    Commentary: Head Tax in Seattle Bad for Amazon, Economy | Fortune
  8. Sabcat

    Save the Economy: Tax Single Mothers!
  9. J

    Socialist Gov. Murphy turns NJ citizens into tax slaves to benefit illegal entrants

    SEE: Phil Murphy signs bill to let unauthorized immigrants get college financial aid May 9, 2018 ”A New Jersey college student's immigration status will no longer play a factor into whether that student is eligible for certain in-state financial aid.” Jersey’s Socialist Governor Murphy...
  10. skews13

    WSJ Struggles To Deal As GOP Tax Scam Fails To Make Economy Soar

    Who could have predicted! The Republican tax law is not sending the economy into the stratosphere, as only partisan Republicans claimed to believe it would do. The Wall Street Journal has all sorts of reasons that might possibly maybe explain why the U.S. economy slowed down in the first...
  11. RNG

    On the Republican President's tax cuts

    Another lie: Several sources have fact checked this and guess what ... We know who his friends are, and it ain't you. But I like the BBC take on it. US tax cuts: Are they the biggest in American history? - BBC News
  12. skews13

    PA Lesson For Midterms GOP Tax Sham Is Their Greatest Weakness

    The GOP cannot be allowed to dance around their largest legislative priority now that it is proven to be a losing message. Democratic candidates must make sure that it is symbolically emblazoned upon every Republican candidate’s forehead: that they prioritized tax cuts for the rich over serving...
  13. roastpork

    They love that Trump tax cut.

    Yes they do!^_^
  14. Nwolfe35

    GA legislature remove tax exemption for jet fuel to punish Delta

    Delta has cut ties with the NRA (ending a discount for members). In response the Republican controlled GA legislature has removed a tax exemption for jet fuel from their latest tax bill. The exemption benefited Delta who is based in GA. Two hilarious pieces of information have now...
  15. G

    The tax cuts seem to be working.

    From Town Hall, by Matt Vespa, Since the tax cuts, 250 companies have given bonuses, between $1000 and $3000, to 250 million employees. Apple is bring back 250 ..Billion...from overseas to invest over the next 5 years, estimated to create up to 20,00 new jobs, in this country. After April...
  16. H

    Proof that democrats love Trumps tax plan

    They are KEEPING their bonuses and raises........................... And a portion of these people who are grateful to Trump for his help in their lives WILL be voting for him in 2020 And Nancy Pelosi will still wear her $5,000.00 shoes he he he
  17. L

    FedEx announces Trump Tax Plan bonuses, raises, & increased pension funding.

    More crumbs..... FedEx announces wage increases, bonuses amid tax reform | TheHill
  18. RNG

    And the Republican tax cuts keep giving ...

    ... unemployment. Companies announce layoffs alongside tax cut bonuses
  19. L

    Home Depot announces Trump Tax Cut Bonus for all hourly workers.

    Up to $1000. Of course, libs will hate and dismiss this.
  20. G

    The Dems lost on the tax cuts...we got

    them ...and can see just the start of good things coming from those. They lost by shutting down the government. Things are looking better.