1. UDub

    Poll on Trump's Taxes

    Does anyone REALLY believe Trump won't show his taxes because they're under audit? I mean... really?
  2. F

    Beliefs, Causes, & Taxes

    Government and organized religion will always plague mankind. The trick is to limit government and keep organized religion voluntary. Give either one too much power and freedom dies. “People call it a tax on churches and charities. There is no tax on churches and charities,” said Rep. Tom...
  3. Clicker II

    Owe Back Taxes? No Passport!

    Hadn't heard about this one but then I owe no taxes!
  4. T

    A Major Rotation

    House and Senate negotiators released their thousand-page tax bill Friday evening, getting one step closer to passing sweeping legislation that would provide deep tax cuts for corporations and tax breaks for the wealthy, while offering what most economists say are more limited benefits for...
  5. S

    Entire eliminating tax deductions for state and local taxes?

    Entire eliminating tax deductions for state and local taxes? Eliminating federal income taxes deductions proportional to state and local taxes,(i.e. SALT) was inserted within proposed tax bill, for the purpose of reducing the decade's net federal budget 's deficits if the tax bill is enacted...
  6. S

    Sales taxes are not a regressive tax.

    Sales taxes are not particularly regressive; they're not progressive. Opponent of general sales taxes correctly point out that lesser income earners must spend a greater proportion, and higher income earners need not, and generally do not spend their entire incomes for products that would be...
  7. S

    FICA and SECA are our most regressive taxes.

    FICA and SECA are our most regressive federal taxes. The huge plurality of USA's poorest income earners are wage earners. We all pay the taxes embedded within the prices we pay; but wage earners are the only individual persons upon which the FICA tax based upon payrolls is levied...
  8. MichaelT

    Why is Trump clearly lying about taxes ?

    The framework for the proposed tax reforms has been published, and its clear that the rich will get substantial tax cuts, but the president claimed and has continued to claim that the tax reforms will not benefit either him or the rich. Why is Trump continuing to claim this when it is...
  9. skews13

    Why American Workers Pay Twice As Much Taxes As Wealthy Investors

    Let’s say you and I are neighbors. You’re an emergency room doctor, and I don’t work, thanks to a pile of money my grandparents left me. You spend your days and nights stitching up gunshot wounds and helping children survive asthma attacks. I’ve gotten really good at World of Warcraft...
  10. imaginethat

    To Avoid Taxes Creationists Sell Ark Park To Themselves For $10

    Jesus..... To Avoid Taxes Creationists Sell Ark Park To Themselves For $10
  11. RNG

    Tesla's Musk Paid at Least $593 Million in Income Taxes in 2016

    Hey Donald, why don't you tell us?
  12. skews13

    Something Strange Is Happening In Kansas Over Taxes And Medicaid

    Kansas is in fiscal meltdown, as usual, with Republican Gov. Sam Brownback's efforts to cut taxes even more deeply "crumbling." After more moderate Republicans joined the GOP-dominated legislature following last November's election, the party has appeared more willing to concede defeat and...
  13. T

    Kellyanne Conway: Pres. Trump does not want to see his taxes

    A senior aide to President Trump said Sunday that he has no plans to release his tax returns, a marked shift from Trump's pledge during the campaign to make them public once an audit was completed. "The White House response is that he's not going to release his tax returns," said Kellyanne...
  14. excalibur

    Rep. John Lewis and his property taxes

    Not only has he alleged that Trump wasn't elected legitimately, and won't attend the inauguration, but he did the same to GW. BREAKING: Trump-Hating Democratic @RepJohnLewis DIDN'T PAY TAXES On His Nearly $1 Million Fancy DC Townhouse - GotNews 
  15. tristanrobin

    Donald Trump’s Taxes

    The New York Times has not quite obtained this campaign season’s Holy Grail—a full version of Donald Trump’s most recent state and federal income-tax returns—but the newspaper has come impressively close.** According to a piece posted late Saturday, an anonymous source mailed Susanne Craig, who...
  16. intangible child

    Trump and taxes

    The Times obtained documents that show that Donald J. Trump avoided reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in taxable income in the early 1990s by using a maneuver that his lawyers warned would most likely be deemed improper by an I.R.S. audit...
  17. skews13

    Trumps Tax Plan Will Significantly Raise Taxes On The Middleclass

    “You’re not going to cut taxes. You’re going to raise taxes on the middle class.” — Tim Kaine Trump has revamped his tax plan several times over the last year, so it’s hard to say for sure, but Kaine’s statement is mostly true. The latest iteration of the plan includes ore than $4 trillion in...
  18. GhostRider

    Trump may not have paid taxes for two decades. Trump the liar, hypocrite and hero to the anti American right.
  19. skews13

    This Week In The War On Workers: Corporate Taxes

    Federal revenue contributed by corporate taxes has dropped by two-thirds over the last six decades—from 32.1 percent in 1952 to 10.8 percent in 2015. Corporations used to contribute $1 out of every $3 in federal revenue. Today, they contribute just $1 out of every $9—at a time when they have...
  20. GhostRider

    Trump lies about Clinton raises taxes on middle class

    Trump campaign falsifies Hillary Clinton's stance on taxes - CBS News If you watch and listen to the original speech, it's hard to hear but Clinton does NOT say she is going to raise taxes on the middle class. Even if there would have been a mis speak, we all know that is not now and has...