1. foundit66

    Is teaching the Bible compatible with U.S. law?

    Are Christian teachings compatible with U.S. law? Are the teachings of the bible a civil rights violation? Does the bible hold any moral value that we Americans need? Should Christian teachings be taught in schools? This is obviously a parallel parody of another thread. But to give...
  2. tristanrobin

    I Should Have Been Teaching At This School!

    https://goodness.greatergood.com/teacher-flash-mob/ I have attended a lot of schools - and I've taught at a lot of schools - but not one of them would have thought of doing something like this - and actually get it together to do it!
  3. dadmansabode

    Teaching for today

    ROMANS 8 ..... Wichita KS .. Don Duncan ... part 1 - 11-22-2015 ..... Wichita KS .. Don Duncan ... part 2 - 11-29-2015
  4. LongWinded

    Tennessee Bill Would Prohibit Public Schools From Teaching About Islam

    Tennessee Bill Would Prohibit Public Schools From Teaching About Islam | ThinkProgress When you have to pass this type of non-issue law, it pretty much tells you about the lack of intelligence but whole lot of religious cult hatred of your base.
  5. B

    Stop Teaching Shakespeare Because He’s a White Man

    Shakespeare's Works -- Too Hard, Too White
  6. K

    gay kindergarten teacher teaching about gay marriage

    https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/lesbian-teacher-how-i-convince-kids-to-accept-gay-marriage-starting-at-4-ye these are 4-5 year olds for God's sake! if I want my 5 year old to know about gay marriage I will tell them. it is not right that this teacher is doing this on her own without the...
  7. webguy4

    stop teaching fear

    kids in the US are being raised in a climate of false fear. global warming is a scam. they are not being told that the environment is much cleaner in the US today than it was a hundred years ago, or fifty years ago.
  8. webguy4

    teaching lies

    american public schools teach lies by censoring religion out of history, culture, and language.
  9. Medicine Man

    Teaching Risk-Taking!!

    After all....ya' don't want your kids growing-up to be some candy-ass, little, "conservative" dork!!!
  10. webguy4

    teaching lies

    you cannot teach western or american history without teaching christianity unless you lie. The declaration of Independence says we are "endowed by our creator with inalienable rights". Understanding this phrase is fundamental to understanding what america is. The people who wrote this were...