1. GluteusMaximus

    Republican hero Ted Nugent on the draft

    "I got my physical notice 30 days prior to. Well, on that day I ceased cleansing my body. No more brushing my teeth, no more washing my hair, no baths, no soap, no water. Thirty days of debris build. I stopped shavin’ and I was 18, had a little scraggly beard, really looked like a hippie. I had...
  2. GluteusMaximus

    Ted Nugent is scared of guns.....

    Gun-Humping Nugent Won't Allow Guns at His Concerts my favorite snippet in the article: But if Nugent, who is on the board of the NRA, actually means what he says about the dangers of gun-free zones and how the solution to gun violence is more good guys with guns, those extra precautions...
  3. L

    Ted Cruz has brilliant plan to pay for the border wall.

    I don't know how anyone can argue with this idea without exposing themselves as mindless political hacks who oppose it simply because who proposed it. (CNN)Forget that talk about Mexico footing the bill for President Trump's border wall...
  4. skews13

    Ted Cruz Congratulates Woman With MS Then Calls Her A Moocher

    Responding to a question from a woman during CNN's debate last night, who has MS and loves her Medicaid, Sen. Ted Cruz and thanked her for her service and said, "Congratulations on dealing with MS." Senators Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz debated the merits of our healthcare system on CNN last...
  5. K

    Donald Trump and Ted Cruz

    Regarding Ted Cruz, he is very possible to have won this year's election if he had put the people had elected Ted Cruz instead and his had won both his well prevailed instead was Donald Trump. Two Republicans who had won two and even by Republicans Jeb Bush, I do not believe now. Ben Carson, I...
  6. S

    Why did Ted Cruz "endorse" Trump?

    Most of the GOP hated Trump last summer. Few Republicans support him except for a fringe, people like Christie, Gingrich, Guiliani. Not exactly the party brokers or really the leaders anymore. Doesn't seem like to me that Cruz not supporting Trump would hurt him politically. Especially after...
  7. skews13

    Sorry Mike Pence But 2020 Will Belong To Ted Cruz

    Of course, a real victory would be one that strengthened the ticket, and on that front, Pence failed miserably. But he didn’t care. He wasn’t about to go down in flames with Trump. Which of course leads us to ask, who can emerge victorious in four years? Well, Donald Trump for one. If he...
  8. skews13

    After Soul Searching Ted Cruz Remembers He Doesn't Have One

    And Ted Cruz believes Donald Trump, the amoral pathological liar, because Ted Cruz really, really needs a hook to hang this new hat on. And we all believe Ted Cruz on this one, right? Because Ted Cruz, too, is an honorable man. Ted Cruz caves, endorses Donald Trump
  9. excalibur

    Ted Kennedy tried to enlist Russian help to stop Reagan

    Oh yeah, people forget this. Ted Kennedy's Soviet Gambit 
  10. Jimmyb

    Why Ted Cruz Was Booed

  11. Camelot

    Lyin' Ted Couldn't Endorse Trump...BLAH HA HA HA HA

    The guy lyin' Ted called a sniveling coward did not earn his endorsement. Cruz is betting the Trump loses and he only cares about positioning himself for 2020. The sharks are circling......BLAH HA HA HA HA
  12. Q

    TED Nugent Speaks: STUNS Everyone…Obama Is Going To HATE This!

    TED Nugent Speaks: STUNS Everyone?Obama Is Going To HATE This! | EndingFed News Network Nugent is right
  13. GhostRider

    Ted "shitty pants" Nugent vomits up more hate.

    NRA?s Ted Nugent Smears Philando Castile And Says Obama Wants To Start A Race War The draft dodging, pedofile hero of the right wing nut jobs, Ted "shitty pants" Nugent being the good brain dead righty he is, claims Obama wants to start a race war. Scroll to the comments section of the article...
  14. imaginethat

    Ted Cruz drops out of the Republican presidential race

    Wellllppp. "Ted Cruz drops out of the Republican presidential race"[/COLOR]]Ted Cruz drops out of the Republican presidential race
  15. T

    Ted Cruz & Indiana:

    Nelson Muntz said it the best.....but don't take my word for it. He said it way better: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bx9kaa7IsBg
  16. Franklin

    Trump supporting moron versus Ted Cruz

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqYbpIIwEDQ I wouldn't mind seeing Trump elected because then I could watch these American morons starve in the streets.
  17. Octoldit

    LYIN' Ted Cruz EXPOSED He's Fake as a Wooden Nickel.

    Cruz is no doubt a lying psychopath politician that hates the American people and the Constitution. This Monsanto lackey is a prime reason why all the sell-out politicians must be fired to preserve America. Colorado is proof that Ted Cruz has no hint of integrity and is more dangerous than...
  18. skews13

    Ted Cruz Promises His Tax Plan Will Trickle Down This Time

    Is it that they don't think people remember? Or is that they really are that fucking stupid that they believe we will fall for that bullshit again? What part of tax cuts for the rich are a non starter did they miss in the memo? It really is ground hog day all over again. Or was that...
  19. skews13

    Call Of The Dildos. The Ted Cruz Story

    And Now an Article, beginning with the actual brief filed by the noted genius, and intellectual giant, Ted "The Cuban Canadian" Cruz Brilliant!
  20. P

    The genuis that is Ted Cruz!

    Alan Dershowitz: Yes it is TRUE that Ted Cruz was one of the smartest I ever taught » The Right Scoop -