1. Clara007

    Full Text of Trump/Kim Signed Agreement

    President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018. Convinced that the establishment of new US-DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and...
  2. J

    Andrew McCabe's text messages are missing

    Andrew McCabe's text messages are missing.....Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch tells Judge Jeanine Piro last night, that the FBI has lost Andrew McCabe's text messages..... McCabe is the "Andy" in the Strzok text that talks of the "insurance policy" if Trump wins..... You can not make this shit...
  3. Quigley

    Text of a Letter from the President to the Congress of the United States

    Pursuant to the International Emergency Economic Powers Act, as amended (50 U.S.C. 1701 et seq.) (IEEPA), I hereby report that I have issued the enclosed Executive Order (the “order”) declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security...
  4. fdtwain

    Corrected text of the Book of Revelation

    Below is the text of the Book of Revelation, corrected of significant errors contained in the KJV Bible: belcandidat.freeforums.org ? View topic - The Book of Revelation
  5. S

    TEXT TRUMP to "88022"...what is that?

    When I see Trump on stage somewhere giving a speech, there is his name and under it "TEXT TRUMP TO 88022". What is that? Is that a "Twitter" thing? Honestly, I don't know balls about Twitter. If you can text Trump (or anyone else running) wouldn't he have thousands of texts of people "flipping...
  6. RNG

    Backlash Grows as Leaked TPP Text Reveals Increased Corp. Control of Public Health

    This is a bit of a left-leaning site, so has anyone seen a different evaluation of these bits of wikileaks releases? Backlash Grows as Leaked TPP Text Reveals Increased Corporate Control of Public Health
  7. intangible child

    BREAKING: Wikileaks releases text of secret trade agreement

    Wikileaks just released the text of a trade agreement that’s even more secretive than the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), and poses just as great a risk to our Internet freedom. You should read this entirely, but if you’re in a rush, please click here to take action. Congress is moving to...
  8. excalibur

    Toomey Releases Text of Gun Bill

    Seems that this bill is ~8000 words. Oh my! I feel safer already. Sen. Toomey Offers Full Text Of Public Safety And Second Amendment Rights Protection Act Online | Pat Toomey | Senator for Pennsylvania
  9. skews13

    Louisiana School Board Bans Creationism, Texas Text Books

    http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/12/19/orleans-parish-school-board-bans-creationism-and-texan-new-history-textbooks/   “No history textbook shall be approved which has been adjusted in accordance with the State of Texas revisionist guidelines nor shall any science textbook be approved which...
  10. MSNBC

    Text of Obama's remarks: 'Heroism is here'

    Full text of President Barack Obama's remarks at Tucson shooting memorial Wednesday:  "Heroism is here." Source msnbc.com - Click here to view the full article
  11. CNN

    Detroit mayor agrees to plea deal in text scandal

    Read full story for latest details. View the full article here.
  12. jaaaman

    New text live chat option!

    Hello. I have added a new live chat option on my 'Debate the Issues!' forum. All of you are welcome in chat also. Just click on this link, http://client0.sigmachat.com/sc.pl?id=118900 and you will be in 'Debate the issues!' chat! Bookmark it as well, so you will be able to come back to it...