1. RNG

    Another Trump effect.

    In a divided U.S., therapists treating anxiety are hearing the same name over and over: Donald Trump The CBC Washington correspondent has talked to a whole bunch of clinical psychologists and academics about the effect the Republican President's actions and policies is having on the mental...
  2. skews13

    Unemployment: Trump Was Born On Third Base And Thinks He Hit A Triple

    On unemployment, Trump was born on third base, thinks he hit a triple | MSNBC
  3. tristanrobin

    Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is a Really Really Bad Idea?

    Guess Who Thinks Arming Teachers Is A Really, Really Bad Idea? Military Combat Veterans. “How to stand your ground when an aggressor is trying to kill you — that’s not something that comes naturally to people.” Some of the loudest voices opposing President Donald Trump’s proposal to arm...
  4. tristanrobin

    Finally Figured Out When Trump Thinks America Was Great

    trailer for PBS show tonight - perfectly explains the period that Trump thinks is when America was great. The Gilded Age: Trailer | American Experience PBS
  5. Polari

    Who on here thinks

    the constitution wasn't supposed to be an evolving document...I just had to convince someone that it has...
  6. RNG

    What Jerry Falwell thinks Jesus would do

    Why, sponsor a NASCAR top level team for about $35 million per year, that's what. Keep in mind this is a Hendrick Motorsports, top of the league team getting top dollar. Is there no restriction on this kind of thing for a non-profit in the US? Or is it another case where christians are...
  7. tristanrobin

    Bob Corker just told the world what he really thinks of Donald Trump

    Tennessee Republican Sen. Bob Corker suggested Wednesday that Gens. John Kelly and James Mattis as well Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are the "people that help separate our country from chaos," a stinging criticism of President Donald Trump from a man once considered an ally in Washington...
  8. Sabcat

    Berkeley Mayor Thinks Antifa Should Be Designated As A Gang
  9. RNG

    What Bush's ethics lawyer thinks of Breitbart

    This is self explanatory.
  10. T

    President Trump thinks he has 'one last shot' to change the Healthcare vote

    Convinced there's a way to move forward on the Republicans' promise to repeal and replace Obamacare, President Donald Trump hopes to change the minds of Republican senators over lunch at the White House today. Trump and Republican senators will talk health care and other issues two days after...
  11. GhostRider

    Donald Trump slams 'archaic' US constitution that is 'really bad' for the country

    Donald Trump slams 'archaic' US constitution that is 'really bad' for the country | The Independent What to all those trump supporters think about the liar trump thinking our Constitution is archaic? "Donald Trump has blamed the US constitution for the problems he has encountered during...
  12. G

    What do you think the world thinks

    on seeing all the internal attacks against our recently elected President? Come on and be honest, as to if it a good thing or bad thing.....for our nation.
  13. GhostRider

    George W. thinks we need investigation on Trump ties to Putin

    George W. Bush: We need answers on Trump team ties to Russia | TheHill I never thought I would agree with George W. but I do on this. Watch the second part of this video to see the more human side of George W.
  14. GhostRider

    GOP doesn't want a President that thinks.

    This Isn?t Just Trump. This Is Who the Republicans Are. | Common Dreams Watch the video, Norquist says " we aren't auditioning for a fearless leader, we don't need a president to tell us what direction to go"......."pick a republican with enough working digits to handle a pen to become the...
  15. GhostRider

    Trump thinks Flynn was treated "unfairly"

    After firing him, Trump says Flynn is 'a wonderful man' - Exposing liars is considered unfair by the liar in chief. Note, two of the most deceitful and corrupt right wingers on the stage together.
  16. Camelot

    Trump Disparages Mother Of Fallen Soldier

    This asshole can never be President. The father and mother of a fallen soldier, who happens to be Muslim, spoke about their Muslim son's sacrifice to this country by giving up his life to protect his fellow soldiers. The father questioned if Trump has ever even read the Constitution. As an...
  17. Camelot

    Is This Why Trump Thinks Putin Is A Great Leader ?

    The following link shows two people placing a bomb under a anti-Putin journalists car. The journalist was blown up and killed. Is this why Trump admires Putin ? Is it smart to say that you might not honor our NATO obligations with a nut like Putin chomping at the bit ? (A must see video folks)...
  18. RNG

    Christie thinks the military should bomb Orlando

    From the "way to think things through" file. Someone should tell him the shooter lived in Orlando and was born in NYC. Christie: Nightclub attack should produce military response
  19. BubbaJones

    Anybody that thinks Trump is going to ....

    ........ do a damned thing to help the working man is completely delusional. He has just proven himself to be completely out of touch with the country he wants to lead. Trump doubles down on claim that US 'wages are too high'
  20. LongWinded

    What The World Thinks Of America’s Response To The Oregon Gun Massacre

    3 Videos That Show What The World Thinks Of America's Response To The Oregon Gun Massacre | ThinkProgress Certifiably insane is what the republicans ARE for not bringing up gun laws to stop the sale of guns to felons and the mentally ill.