1. TNVolunteer73

    I thought there was no Crying in prosicution?

    I thought there was no Crying in prosecution? [/url]via Imgflip Meme Generator[/IMG]
  2. tristanrobin

    Never Thought I'd Say "John Kerry Speaks For All Smart Americans"
  3. RNG

    I thought N Korea was no longer a nuke threat

    I guess the Dotard changed his mind.
  4. U

    I would have thought that a Christian forum

    would be a "safe place." BUT!! What I mean is, here, there would be more "agreement" discussions and not confusion. Looks like sinners come here and that is a good thing. Praise the Lord, Amen!!
  5. U

    Food for thought

    No one can be appointed to the supreme court if they are under 67 years of age..... they must swear to protect the constitution and not legislate it.:angry:
  6. B

    I thought religion didn't belong in school

    wonder where the aclu would come down on this? The purported assignment came from the young girl’s social studies class, and included a page that...
  7. U

    He thought they loved him.......

    As the world turns for some folks........If he is your friend, you are no friend of mine......I reject you because of who you vote for..........obstruction of justice is what it is...... We never know who the politically corrects like, they don't tell the truth.........huh Kanye West. Just...
  8. imaginethat

    Coulter slams Trump: We thought we were getting a negotiator

    “There is no more crucial attack on our national defense than the fact that we don’t have a wall." --- Ann Coulter I think I've heard Trump say the same thing. More: Coulter slams Trump: We thought we were getting a negotiator | TheHill
  9. U

    Just a thought about any Organization

    This Organization has rules.......... but a few within that Organization decide they will break/bend the rules for a select person...... should be fired, to protect the integrity of the WHOLE ORGANIZATION...... :angry:
  10. G

    Saw this on and thought it

    was well stated; It is very telling that the FBI does not want we the people to see how the Bureau operated in the run up to the 2016 presidential election. A memo put forth by the republicans on the House Intelligence Committee, is the source of objection by the FBI which doesn’t want it...
  11. U

    I thought people/GOP hated President Obama

    The hate for President Trump is beyond reason.......very phobic.
  12. TNVolunteer73

    Trump GDP Growth estimated 10% higher than first thought. GDP was revised from 3% to 3.3% Remember when the Revisions to GDP Growth were made during the Obama Administration he always OVER PROMISED and Under Delivered Trump is Under promising and over delivering. Obama always...
  13. Sabcat

    The thought police are real

    An examination of the thought police in england. Is this where the leftists want their authoritarian society to go? I think, yes! Take the 10 min. Not only are the thought police real, but they are filming it and broadcasting it. Sound familiar?
  14. Sabcat

    Food for thought

    Some of us have been trying to point this stuff out to you guys. Lionel nation breaks it down nicely. Here ya go.
  15. tristanrobin

    But ... But ... But, I thought Obama killed out economy?! The incomes of typical Americans rose in 2015 by 5.2 percent, the first significant boost to middle-class pay since...
  16. Sabcat

    devoid of original thought

    has anyone else noticed that the king trump camp and the mistress clinton camp seem to be recycling each others scandals? now king trumps foundation is doing something sneaky w/ money and the clintons are flying around w/ pedophiles. i mean WTF if they are going to sling mud at one and other...
  17. skews13

    Turns Out The 1% Are As Vile As We Thought They Were

    Such victims these poor filthy rich bastards. We might only confiscate 90% of the offshore money out of pity. Besides, they'll need that other 10% to pay their back taxes.
  18. Boo

    Food for thought.....

    Why would they adopt this as their symbol?
  19. K

    Food for thought: Reflections

  20. LongWinded

    Muslim Anti-Radicalism Activist Detained in Texas Because Airline Passengers Thought

    Muslim Anti-Radicalism Activist Detained in Texas Because Airline Passengers Thought He Looked Scary | Alternet These types of actions by the Radicalized Christian fundamentalists are what is causing the rise of recruits in the US to ISIS. This is anti-American, the treatment of this citizen.