1. J

    The Democrat Party dream ticket has finally emerged: Sanders and Cortez

    See SOCIALIST DREAM TICKET: Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders To Campaign Together “This week, I am traveling to Kansas with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to rally in support of James Thompson’s and Brett Welder’s campaigns for Congress — two great progressive candidates who will prove our message...
  2. titan

    Will there be a Corker (R) / Flake (R) presidential ticket in 2020?

    Will there be a Corker (R) / Flake (R) or Flake / Corker presidential ticket in 2020? English language axiom: If you want it done right, do it yourself. Corker & Flake have already announced they're not running for re-election. But I gather one or both will remain in office for over...
  3. Sabcat

    WATCH: Cops Call in SWAT for Veteran Paying Ticket in Pennies

    I love shit like this. Video in the link.
  4. excalibur

    Your 2020 Democrat Ticket

    Al Franken and Jill Stein. The Franken/Stein ticket. 
  5. tristanrobin

    So Much For Pence Being the Less Wacky One On the Ticket

    Mike Pence Opposes Word 'Vice' On Religious Grounds, Doesn't Want To Be Called Vice Presidential Candidate | Huffington Post
  6. K

    Warren/Heinrich ticket 2020 or 2024

    New Democrat Socialists however how is winner this elections. If Clinton won we would wait to 2024 for tickets of those two. :lol: :-D :lol:
  7. LibertyThunder

    Draconian Ohio Rules Force Johnson/Weld to File as “Independent” Ticket

    Despite Ohio, Johnson Expects to Appear on All 50 Ballots http://thelibertarianrepublic.com/ohio-forces-johnson-independent/
  8. Sabcat

    how to pay a speeding ticket

    this is awesome. its about 5 min long https://youtu.be/kN1awl2KetM
  9. intangible child

    Jesse Ventura hopes Trump considers him for VP GOOD TICKET!

    Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura said he hopes Donald Trump will win the Republican nomination -- and consider him for vice president. Jesse Ventura hopes Trump considers him for VP - CNNPolitics.com I dont like trump, Jesse GOOD!
  10. LongWinded

    Cops Who Killed Man with Down Syndrome Over a Movie Ticket

    Cops Who Killed Man with Down Syndrome Over a Movie Ticket Blame Paramedics Who Tried to Save Him | Alternet OMG. Maybe if we'd just fire these cops who kill Americans and hire new people who aren't so willing to kill, we'd have a nation of good policemen?
  11. B

    Here comes the Biden-Warren Ticket!!! LOL!

    MONICA CROWLEY: Why Obama is trying to torpedo Hillary Clinton - Washington Times
  12. S

    Cheaper to just pay traffic ticket or go to court?

    I started driving when I was about 17, and since I was young and stupid, would sometimes get traffic tickets. I lived in a suburb with my parents next to a large city (which I will keep private). I remember when I was 17, I got two traffic tickets, one in the big city, and one in the suburb...
  13. imaginethat

    Jeb Bush’s eye-popping event: $100K per ticket

    Well, you gotta hand it to ol' Jeb. He ain't hiding who he aims to serve if elected president. Read more: Jeb Bush?s eye-popping event: $100K per ticket
  14. roastpork

    He just uses his free ride ticket.

    This is just plain wrong!:angry: Taxpayers 'Gouged' by Obama's Unnecessary Travel President Obama's Labor Day 2014 weekend trips for fundraising, personal business, and politicking ran up a tab of $1,539,400 in taxpayer-paid transportation expenses. That disclosure comes from U.S. Air Force...
  15. roastpork

    No ID gets you a ticket?

    I didn't realize that you could get a ticket in this country for not having an ID on you; Yet it seems that you can vote without one, WTF is going on?:huh: Alec Baldwin Bike Violation Leads to 'Belligerent' Police Run-In: Report
  16. pana8

    Currency value dropping so fast Airlines halt ticket sales in Venezuela

    Airlines halt ticket sales in Venezuela - Yahoo Finance CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — Tempers flared at airline offices in Caracas on Friday as Venezuelans reacted angrily to international carriers' refusal to sell tickets after the government devalued the bolivar for flights abroad. The...
  17. L

    Edward Snowden Planning 2016 Run on GOP Ticket

    Snowden is truly the anti-Obama, he will be perfect for the GOP ticket. Snowden respects the Constitution and rule of law, unlike Obama. Snowden made his own way in the world and had a real job and has real world experience. Snowden has demonstrated personal sacrifice to better...
  18. skews13

    Republican Women Flee "Mortifying" Anti Women Gubenatorial Ticket

    Republican Women Flee from ?Mortifying? ?Anti-Woman? Virginia GOP Gubernatorial Ticket Republicans are continuing on their mission to turn off every single Republican woman voter, and in Virginia, they’re going at it warp speed, courtesy of the Virginia GOP gubernatorial ticket of...
  19. tyrone_det

    How To Get A Warning Instead of a Ticket

    1. If you were were speeding (or whatever else), admit it. "Officer, I know better than to speed but I was clearly speeding" is not a bad approach. 2. Telling the truth helps. But, I have two caveats. One, some officers will say "if you tell the truth we'll go easier on you" when that's not...
  20. chandon12

    Sarah Palin Should Reneg On The VP Ticket

    She needs to be with her pregnant teenage daughter and downs symdrone infant son than running for the VP ticker. Cleary her family needs her more than the GOP and America. She needs to stop being selfish and take care of her family.