1. B

    Rahm Emanuals time is up!

    When F Chuck Todd calls for you to go and you're a democrat you are in Trouble same thing happens in most big cities run by Democrats. https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=Chicago+calls+for+Trump+to+help&view=detail&mid=86D3E2FABE45312E1BC686D3E2FABE45312E1BC6&FORM=VIRE
  2. tristanrobin

    Time's Creepy New Cover Illustration/Art!

    :ph34r: https://www.thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/2018/07/time-magazines-disturbing-new-cover-morphs-trump-into-putin-and-putin-into-trump/
  3. GluteusMaximus

    Apparently it's time for Trump's yearly performance appraisal from his boss...

  4. L

    Greatest tweet of all time. Period.

    https://twitter.com/crandallgold/status/1011118721371377664 Amazing.
  5. U

    Right now, in this place in time

    You can live anyway you want in the USA. So long as you don't break any laws. You can still do it the way you want, even if it breaks laws. but there will be consequences for breaking the law.^_^
  6. G

    It is time to send a team to Israel and

    learn how it protects it's schools etc. They do a good job and I have read many articles on it. Why continue the same old political back and forth here and actually do no complete planning or training???
  7. seamanstaines

    By the time you read this he will have died.

    What an incredibly brave man, I hope I have his courage! www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/apr/30/david-goodall-australia-oldest-scientist-to-end-own-life-in-switzerland Australia’s oldest scientist, who caused a stir when his university tried to vacate his office aged 102, will fly to...
  8. KillTheCarnage

    Trade War Fun Time, Bring on the Night!

    Oh yeah, I love the chaos this is bringing the globalists! At least Trump is getting one thing right, disrupt global trade. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-04-28/eu-sounds-alarm-over-trade-war-as-trump-puts-gun-to-its-head
  9. tristanrobin

    I Can't Believe I'm Alive At a Time This is Possible.

    https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Johns-Hopkins-Performs-Worlds-First-Total-Penis-Scrotum-Transplant--480567601.html A veteran who was injured in Afghanistan has received the world's first total penis and scrotum transplant, Johns Hopkins Hospital announced Monday. A team of nine...
  10. U

    One nail at the time.....

    nail 1 If your lifestyle is to own a gun, start out with a 22 caliber rifle/pistol and 410 shot gun....... Teach gun safety starting in the first grade.....hands on sometime later
  11. Camelot

    McCabe Hires Attorney - Deposition Time

    McCabe’s new attorney is a former Inspector General of the justice Department. This firing is going to be very costly for don the Con and Sessions. Let the depositions begin.
  12. G

    Is it time for this nation to become

    more selective on who is given the right to immigrant here? Are we in such a condition that our population cannot use the resources of the nation, both environmental and those provided by our taxes? Is our education so bad that ilt cannot provide the knowledge needed to fill the jobs we need...
  13. Panther

    First time ever: US President and North Korean leader to meet

    https://amp.usatoday.com/amp/408781002 Read. The. Whole. Report.
  14. H

    Stock market at another all time high

    Seems at this point that the people who said that the stock market would crash if Trump was elected were high themselves. Next
  15. U

    As time goes by

    I beginning to believe President Trump is more honest than his opponents!^_^
  16. Sabcat

    Facebook admits spending too much time on Facebook might be bad for you

  17. Sabcat

    Roy Moore accuser says she wrote the time and place under Moore's signature

    Roy Moore accuser admits she wrote part of yearbook inscription attributed to Alabama Senate candidate | Fox News Surprise!!! Surprise!!!!
  18. J

    Bill to punish lawless officials in sanctuary cities with fines and jail time

    . See Bill Would Punish Sanctuary City Officials For Protecting Illegals ”Indiana Republican Rep. Todd Rokita has introduced a bill to punish elected officials in sanctuary cities that refuse to cooperate with federal officials in enforcing U.S. immigration laws. Rokita told Fox...
  19. Phoenix68

    It's (Now) Time To SPIN THE WAR-WHEEL!!

    The last Chickenhawk who gave us tax-cuts (eventually) took us into Iraq....and, I'm sure all o' those folks, heavily-invested in our weapons-industry, are $TILL grateful. Writer says Bush talked about war in 1999 - Houston Chronicle Now, we've gotta wonder what surprise Trumpy has, for...
  20. C

    Trophy Time! ...

    The Mediacircustops have their say ... It's Day 315 of the Trump Dig at the Puhl-DePlugg Reservoir. https://davidmbelisle.com/2017/11/30/trophy-time/