1. tristanrobin

    If you only read one political essay today, let it be this one...

    Why We Shouldn’t Treat Supremacists and Fascists as Our Equals What Equality Really Means (And Why it Matters) When I was in high school, there was a kid, big enough to be called a giant, named Joe Jasper. The strange thing about Joe was this. Even though he towered over us, even...
  2. G

    Orcasio Cortez is campainging today

    with Bernie Sanders. Not in her home state but in...Kansas. Looks like she has already been chosen as VP to Sanders bid for President. What a site...She said again today that she is for free health care for all, all student debts be erased AND college be free for ALL. She has a lready...
  3. A

    Impaired Driving On Today's Pysch Meds

    drivers fined for having just 2-5 mammograms of thc in their system. [An average range for a patient is 25 times that] Spoiler Alert: But it's still legal to 'be careful' when operating heavy machinery while taking powerful doses of anti-psychotics and opioids?! The Fed have a clear bias for...
  4. tristanrobin

    GOP Unveils New Slogan Today. Not a Joke.

  5. imaginethat

    Today's spam attack

    It was one of the biggest ones yet, more than 1200 threads deleted. The owner has employed outside assistance to stop spam which worked well until today. Today's spam got here via Finland and Switzerland. The attack was ongoing as I deleted threads. It was sorta fun, sorta. B) Sorry...
  6. tristanrobin

    Did You See Huckabee in Today's Press Briefing

    trying to validate the inhumane treatment of babies being torn from their mothers' arms at the border by the U.S. agents? find a video. tense moments. she loses. you can tell she knows she can't win.
  7. U

    The gang of eight meeting today........

    Political prostitution going on in DC....... No cherries in the crowd here, in my opinion... They care more about their whoring parties than the USA.
  8. avlis

    Today Cup of Portugal

    Portuguese Cup ( Taça de Portugal Final Today 17.15 h portuguese
  9. RNG

    Today in Iraq

    Much of the world celebrates labor and workers on May 1st and the BBC had a photo selection of these celebrations around the world. This one surprised me. Ya gocher Sunnis, Shiites, Christians, more Muslim splinter groups, but I was not expecting: The caption that wasn't part of the...
  10. avlis

    Today Maritimo x F.C.Porto

    Today Maritimo x F.C.Porto 18-00 hora Portuguesea You can watch the game on portuguese open tv channel on satellite, also on english tv channel *** LJs LiveOnSat Football / Soccer Schedules on TV Yesterday Benfica 2 x Tondela 3 = Portimonense 1 x Sporting 2 Today if the F.C.Porto win...
  11. G

    From the Rasmussen report today;

    "Voters More Likely Now to See Mueller Probe As Partisan Witch Hunt Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller's invasion of the office and home of President Trump's personal lawyer, voters increasingly believe Mueller's probe is politically biased. But they also tend to think he is unlikely...
  12. xMathFanx

    "Gulliver's Travels" provides a Critical & Insightful Framework Relevant still Today

    "Gulliver's Travels" provides a Critical and Insightful Framework Relevant still Today Authored by Johnathon Swift, originally published in 1726. "Shipwrecked and cast adrift, Lemuel Gulliver wakes to find himself on Lilliput, an island inhabited by little people, whose height makes their...
  13. RNG

    The Republican President on Syria, today and yesterday

    Today via twitter. I guess with this presidency, that was redundant. The figurative "yesterday". I will avoid the redundancy this time.
  14. R

    And In Today's News-stocks go down the crapper

    If al you good mainstream 'resistance' Democrats have been freting about how to beat Trump.....or at least knock down his poll ratings, this is the hill that Trump either lives dies on: Markets sell off, Dow plunges over 700 points as wild ride continues | CBC News Normally, I don't give a...
  15. skews13

    Johan Van Hulst A Teacher Who Saved 600 Children Died Today

    This is Johan van Hulst when he was 104 Johan van Hulst, a Dutch teacher, has died. He was 107 years old. The Washington Post explains very clearly why van Hulst’s passing is worth remembering. An inspector from the Dutch education ministry arrived at Johan van Hulst’s teacher training...
  16. U

    I feel like a female today but if I'm wrong
  17. G

    From CNN Money today;

    American businesses are on a hiring spree. The US economy added 313,000 jobs in February. That was much stronger than economists expected and the biggest gain since July 2016, according to Labor Department figures published Friday. "The headline number is pretty outstanding," says...
  18. Camelot

    Is Archie Bunker’s Poltics Relevant Today ?

    You Tube has some great clips from All In The Family that helps to explain today’s human condition. Take a gander at this clip about the National Anthem and tell me if we don’t find ourselves in the same place today ?
  19. guy39

    Today's question

    Name one liberal idea or law that is not in some form a direct imposition or threat of on the people.
  20. U

    Less racism and hatred in 1950 than today.....

    It's true.....I was there and I am here........I'm an old gray headed southern white man....have you ever been there? I don't blame young blacks for not trusting me, I don't. Lots of old blacks don't trust me.....I don't blame them....... Distrust is a "learned" thing from others.....and...