1. Camelot

    Trump Talkin’ Tough: "I really believe I'd run in there even if I didn't have a gun"

    This moron’s courage is no bigger than his hands or his p***s. What would he have done ? Grab the shooter by the p***y? What a joke.
  2. Camelot

    Is Trump Lying Or Is Putin Lying - Tough Call

    So Don The Con says that Putin reiterated that they did not interfere with our election and the Con said that he believes Putin over our own intelligence agencies again. Putin, on the other hand, claims that the issue did not come up in their meeting. Who to believe ? Communist dictator Putin or...
  3. RNG

    tRump gets tough

    (I don't know how to post a tweet without going through the hassle of getting a screen grab and posting it to a photo site.) So, the great thinker is going to ban all trade with China. I don't think he thought this through.
  4. Quigley

    There seems to be a lot of Lefty tough guys here

    I'm terrified of snowflakes....;) I find it humorous that either side needs to use labels in everything they do. If you want to label me, call me a ramrod straight Constitutionalist. I don't fear when things don't go my way, and I don't gloat when they do. I'm just a guy wishing more people...
  5. LongWinded

    Sharpening Contrast with Clinton, Sanders Touts Bold Positions in Tough Times

    Sharpening Contrast with Clinton, Sanders Touts Bold Positions in Tough Times | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community Clinton's campaign money is enough to send up a red flag and let the democratic party know she's neoliberal and will payback Wall Street, the...
  6. B

    Tough new equal pay law threatens to accelerate California’s business exodus

    California Fair Pay Act threatens to accelerate state's business exodus - Washington Times Liberal policies always destroy people's lives... But, liberals always say they tried...their intentions were good...never mind that they ruin people's lives, they tried and their intentions were...
  7. coke

    The success of tough gun control laws!!!

    Three men have been killed and at least 16 other people have been wounded in separate shootings since Saturday evening across the city, police said. The 13 separate shooting incidents occurred in 12 different city neighborhoods, most on the South Side. Seven of those shootings occurred early...
  8. Camelot

    It's Been A Tough Week To Be A Wingnut

    Allow me to recap this past week in the week of the average Wingnut; * It began with a fellow Wingnut executing 9 black people in a Charleston church while spouting Right wing talking points about how blacks are taking away his country. Despite his words being widely reported, Republicans...
  9. roastpork

    U.S. Women think they have it tough.

    Women in this Country think they are discriminated against and paid unfairly. Well boo hoo, check this out-please read the entire story.:mellow: BBC News - The village and the girl
  10. skews13

    Tough Phone Call: For Bibi

    Obama Signals To Netanyahu That It Is Payback Time For Bibi's Speech To Congress In a tense phone call with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Obama delivered the message that he is going forward with trying to negotiate a deal with Iran on their nuclear program, reassessing U.S...
  11. roastpork

    You think your job is tough.

    Try this for a living.
  12. pana8

    NY tough gun laws, how it is working for them.

    Mom Raped at Knifepoint as 7-Year-Old Daughter Slept Next to Her, Police Say |
  13. S

    Obama's Eco-Play for Tough Times: Executive Orders Liberals Can Believe in

    Obama's Eco-Play for Tough Times: Executive Orders Liberals Can Believe in - Elspeth Reeve - The Atlantic Wire
  14. NPR

    Recall Efforts In Wisconsin Face Tough Odds

    In the wake of a partisan standoff over public employee pay, benefits and collective bargaining guarantees, activists in the Badger State are trying to unseat 16 state legislators — eight Democrats and eight Republicans. But history shows that recall attempts are rarely successful at the state...
  15. NPR

    Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels Is Tough On Budgets

    Gov. Mitch Daniels put his state's finances in order just as other states headed for trouble. Now, some Republicans are promoting him as a possible presidential candidate. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source Click here to view the full article
  16. NPR

    Funding Fight Puts Boehner In Tough Spot

    A move by the House this week to cut the funding of a military aircraft engine is pitting those calling for drastic federal spending cuts against those, like House Speaker John Boehner, who support the project. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source Click here to view the full...
  17. NPR

    Whether GOP Or Democrats, Lawmakers Find Home Turf Cuts Tough

    Even deficit hawks are finding it hard to cut spending and jobs in their own districts. An example getting a lot of notice this week is Speaker John Boehner's support for a fighter jet engine the Pentagon doesn't want. Making the engine provides thousand of jobs near his district. » E-Mail...
  18. NPR

    House GOP Gives Budget Director Lew A Tough Time

    Republicans on Capitol Hill are not impressed with President Obama's deficit-trimming. Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan said the president had punted instead of getting the nation's fiscal house in order. Democrats on the panel defended the budget — one called its social spending cuts "tough...
  19. NPR

    N.M. Governor Tough On Crime, Easy On Business

    New Mexico's new governor, Susana Martinez, was elected on a platform calling for law and order and business-friendly deregulation. But critics say her new policies only please oil and gas producers, who contributed generously to her campaign. » E-Mail This     » Add to Source...
  20. MSNBC

    China leader gets state dinner, tough reception

    President Barack Obama welcomes China's leader as Hu Jintao begins a three-day Washington visit that will include a White House state dinner for the first time in 13 years.<br clear="all" /> Source - Click here to view the full article