1. G

    Syorene Court has upheld the Travel

    ban, with only 2 desents...Sotomayer, of course, and Kennedy. People have said all needed is more "vetting". No one can explain just how people from these nations can be vetted...the reason these nations are listed is because the governments are so bad nothing can be produced or determined...
  2. B

    Court upholds Trump travel ban, rejects discrimination claim

    ASHINGTON (AP) — The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld President Donald Trump’s ban on travel from several mostly Muslim countries, rejecting a challenge that it discriminated against Muslims or exceeded his authority. The 5-4 decision Tuesday is the court’s first substantive ruling on a Trump...
  3. mayeve

    Mexico Travel Warning

    5 Mexican states get US 'do not travel' warning Wednesday, January 10, 2018 02:04PM MEXICO CITY -- Five states in Mexico have gotten the sternest "do not travel" advisories under a revamped U.S. State Department system unveiled Wednesday. The five include the northern border state of...
  4. Kelvin

    Travel ban given the go ahead

    Supreme Court allows full enforcement of Trump travel ban
  5. Quigley

    NAACP Issues 'Travel Advisory' for American Airlines

    The NAACP has a new president and if anyone was in doubt about Derrick Johnson's philosophy of advancing the cause of black equality, this move today by the organization answers a lot of questions. The NAACP issued a "travel advisory" for black airline passengers thinking of using American...
  6. RNG

    News Alert: NAACP issues travel warning

    Here is something unique to my experience. This email was just sent out by CNN.
  7. T

    Travel Bans Grappling With Phantoms

    President Donald Trump’s travel ban (government officials argue that it’s not a ban, but the President’s tweets beg to differ) is headed for the Supreme Court in one of the biggest cases of the upcoming October term. That is, if it doesn’t disappear–poof!–like an enchanted carriage at midnight...
  8. T

    SCOTUS Reviews the Trump Travel Ban Case

    The Supreme Court announced today that it plans to review the case over President Trump's travel ban. The announcement came today, on the final day of the court's term. The court will take up the case in October. Trump's executive order, titled "Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist...
  9. imaginethat

    Trump's travel expenses in 10 weeks cost as much as Obama spent in two years

    You've got to love this. Trump: "You know what – and I love golf – but if I were in the White House, I don’t think I’d ever see Turnberry again, I don’t think I’d ever see Doral again, I own Doral in Miami, I don’t think I’d ever see many of the places that I have. "I don’t ever think that...
  10. excalibur

    Judge Issues TRO on Travel Ban

    Another idiot in black robes thinking he is in charge of national security. News from The Associated Press A Constitutional crisis brought to you by unelected fools in black robes. 
  11. S

    The whole travel ban BS might have been a non issue.....

    I am an American living in China with a Mainland Chinese (might be soon ex-) wife. Trying not to get too much into the story, in 2003 I tried to get her a visa to visit my parents in the USA, and the embassy denied her application. Pissed me off so badly, I refused to come home until 2015, and...
  12. goober

    Court upholds suspension of Travel Ban

    Just announced, ruling suspending travel ban is upheld by 9th circuit. Probably by a whole panel of so-called judges
  13. skews13

    Judge Halts Trump's Executive Order Nationwide On Travel Ban

    U.S. District Judge James Robart ruled in favor Friday of Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, who sued to invalidate key provisions of Trump’s executive order. That order indefinitely blocks entry to the United States for Syrian refugees and temporarily suspends entry to citizens of seven...
  14. Sabcat

    DEA Seizes $200 Million from Travelers Using Travel Records
  15. skews13

    The Bahamas Issues Travel Warning To The US

    The Bahamas issued a travel warning to the United States on Friday, cautioning its citizens about police violence in the country. The Bahamas Just Issued A Travel Warning To The United States | ThinkProgress
  16. Toefoot

    NY Snow Storm Travel Ban

    I find this amusing, if caught on the streets driving during travel ban police will arrest or give citations. People who live in snow prone areas here in Colorado and abroad kinda shake our heads. A friend and I discussed this yesterday during the Football game and discussed this micro marshal...
  17. excalibur

    Worldwide Travel Alert

    State Department issues worldwide travel alert for U.S. citizens over terror threats | New York's PIX11 / WPIX-TV 
  18. T

    Time Travel???

    Almost as good as my house brick analogy: JPL | News | Researchers Advance 'Quantum Teleportation' PS: read the Q&A links to the right in this webpage. (Well, the sane ones, anyway!)
  19. dusty

    cdc admits ebola can travel by air. updated

    cdc says ebola can be airborn up to 3 feet away don't ask me anything I don't know anything remember?? read for your self CDC now admits Ebola can spread through the air up to 3 feet away -
  20. L

    Eric Holder Charging Taxpayers Millions for Personal Travel

    Members of the Obama Administration live and act above the law. "Then a report from the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) showed that many of these top executives who travel extensively for work...