1. skews13

    Fusion GPS transcripts reveal the corruption of Trump and the Republican's treachery

    The transcript of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee released to the public by Dianne Feinstein is both the entire congressional investigation in brief, and a revealing insight into why Republicans have been so anxious to keep this information under...
  2. Camelot

    Republicans Send Open Letter To Iran Telling Them Not To Trust America

    These fools, INCLUDING RAND PAUL, have overstepped their boundaries again and have made a joke of the Constitution.
  3. excalibur

    Climate Treachery At Work

    George Taylor was fired as Oregon State Climatologist – because he correctly pointed out that Cascades snow cover was not declining. Mount Rainier -- Total maximum estimate about 215 inches, roughly 2 ft more than yesterday’s projection.