1. B

    So now we know what it was all about Comey should be hung for treason! Thank you James for making it clear why you suppressed evidence that it was China that did the hacking and covered it up, how is he not in jail already.
  2. GluteusMaximus

    US Conservatives: a history of treason and cowardice

    Revolutionary War - the Conservatives were called "Tories". They fought for Britain against their American neighbors. Civil War - Conservatives supported the Confederacy and slavery during the war. WW1 - Conservatives wanted to stay out of the war and some even wanted the USA to join the...
  3. A

    Barry Soetoro needs to be arrested, tried, convicted AND HUNG FOR TREASON !

    Traitor is defined as one who betrays one's country, cause, or trust, especially one who commits treason. Take your pick from many such examples during Barack's presidency.
  4. GhostRider

    Trump / Pence could be found guilty of treason.

    BREAKING: Mike Pence Implicated in Treason Scandal. Should We Impeach BOTH? If all the links come together as most expect, trump and his cult of liars and thieves could be gone. "trea·son ˈtrēzən/ noun the crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign...
  5. GhostRider

    Rather investigation could result in treason charges.

    BREAKING: Dan Rather Spills the Beans, Reveals Major Scandal at Trump White House Flynn could face treason charges. Investigation indicates he was talking to the Russians while President Obama was still in office. "Flynn’s communications with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak were...
  6. A

    TREASON: Obama Sent Palestinians $221 Million on Way Out the Door

    REVEALED: Another Treasonous Act by Obama on His Way Out the Door Do you still think he is NOT an islamist? The moslem -in-chief releaseing more of his brethren. Barack Hussein Obama should be arrested for treason against the United States of America. Obama is blatantly aiding and...
  7. excalibur

    Treason is Afoot

    This from the bastard who pulled the investigation (along with Hillary's State Dep't urgings) of the mosque that the Orlando butcher attended. Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security - CBS News 
  8. Panther

    Cruz, Rubio Charged with Race Treason by Univision’s Jorge Ramos

    Cruz, Rubio Charged with Race Treason by Univision?s Jorge Ramos
  9. intangible child

    Iran Letter: 165,000+ Sign Petition to Prosecute GOP Senators for Treason

    A petition on calling for charges to be filed against the 47 senators who sent an open letter to the leaders of Iran, possibly in violation of the Logan Act, has collected more than 165,000 signatures in less than two days. Because the petition exceeded 100,000 signatures...
  10. goober

    The Treason of Richard Nixon

    Newly released tapes indicate that Richard Nixon committed treason, by sabotaging the Paris Peace Talks, afraid that a breakthrough might hurt his 1968 campaign. BBC News - The Lyndon Johnson tapes: Richard Nixon's 'treason' Putting party above country....

    The Treason Of Barack Obama

    The Treason Of Barack Obama
  12. F

    Rush Limbaugh: Seller of Tea and Treason by TWO!

    Rushbo is in a good position on the radio and has been for decades. But who put him there? Radio in the past has been used for the average person to hear news and commentary that address his concerns about society .economy ,and politics. But does Rushbo fit the bill? This is how he sees...
  13. skews13

    The Normalization Of Treason

    How did right-wing politics in the United States survive the 1960s and 1970s and thrive beyond? Not only did the wealthy invest in the corruption of politics, but the politicians invested in the normalization of treason.  ...
  14. Martin Timothy

    Treason Trials And Hangin's For The Atrocity Of 911

    Obama is in court charged as a capital conspirator for refuting the same hard evidence..
  15. intangible child

    A Supreme Act Of Judical Treason Against The People Of The United States

    Because of the gravity of the crime against the Constitution committed by a gang of 5 right wing judicial outlaws on our Supreme Court yesterday, we are launching two critical action pages at once Action Page: Corporations Are NOT The People Corporations Are NOT The People Action...