1. tristanrobin

    With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust

    With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust President Trump’s promotion of elaborate, unproven theories appears to be having a distinct effect. As a candidate, Donald J. Trump claimed that the United States government had known in advance about the Sept. 11...
  2. U

    Who do you trust the most? I trust Trump.

    Trump more than I trust the Democrats or the Republicans......PERIOD.......It's gonna be interesting on the schools and guns issues in the near future......Chit and politics gonna fly in all directions, more lies will be told than can be counted. ALL OF THEM WILL BE POLITICALLY POSTURING, and...
  3. B

    Don't Trust Polls

    Just a friendly reminder of what happened a year ago. The video is hilarious.
  4. webguy4

    Never Trust a Cop Similar thing happened to my grand father.
  5. RNG

    Most Trust Media More Than President

    A new Quinnipiac University Poll has some new and interesting data on American's views of tRump and related topics. Below is a C&P summary from the Axios AM update. Link to the actual poll follows...
  6. RNG

    tRump now below Putin in trust ratings.

    Here ya go. The data in table form is here: Russia and Putin Viewed Negatively Worldwide | Pew Research Center
  7. skews13

    Time Poll: More Americans Trust CNN Than Donald Trump

    While Donald Trump has recently bashed CNN on Twitter, a new poll has found that more Americans actually trust the network more than the President. Overall, 50% of adults said they trust CNN more than Trump, compared to 43% of adults who said they trust the President more than CNN, according...
  8. imaginethat

    Krauthammer to O’Reilly: Trump’s Eroding Our Trust of Institutions

    I've never said this before: Krauthammer nailed it (no pun intended). It's pretty short. Krauthammer to O’Reilly: It’s Not Just Democrats, Trump’s Been Eroding Our Trust of Institutions
  9. E

    Do you think Trump can trust Pence?

    Trump, after all, is a Washington outsider. He ran on a platform portraying him as being an anti-establishment populist - but now he has to work with these same people. Pence meanwhile, has a concrete power base. He represents the Christian right. Does no one else suspect that this union...
  10. RNG

    More blind trust shenanigans

    Ivanka was finalizing Japanese business deal at time of Trump, Abe meeting: report | TheHill It looks like Ivanka knows the art of the deal. With a little inside help from daddy.
  11. skews13

    When You Trust Your Wife To Vote For You, But Not Really
  12. RNG

    Which one would you trust with the nuke codes?

    A side by side comparison on how the pres candidates reacted to situations where security had to rush the stage. Watch it and learn. Ever wondered how Clinton and Trump would react to the unexpected? Now you can watch and see ...
  13. congo

    DNC Convention all about Clinton's Trust Issues

    I find it funny that she admits she has to be more trustworthy to the American people... and yet, she has been in politics for how long? She is how old? Seriously, if you ain't very trustworthy at her age, no bother to change it... its too late.
  14. jetson

    Trust a Clinton at your own peril.

    I did not have sexual relations with that woman. Liar,liar,liars.
  15. LongWinded

    CNN Is Now Selling Advertorial Programming: News You Can't Trust

    CNN Is Now Selling Advertorial Programming: News You Can't Trust More advertising for wars not placed as advertising; more advertising to not pay attention to climate change not presented as advertising. Man. Fascism really sucks.
  16. I

    Can we trust our people to rule this country?

    Can we trust our people to rule this country? The gloomy and uncertain situation face by the people of United Kingdom is the result of wrong policy adopted and implemented by the ruler of our country, for their interest to grip and exploit the power but not for the National interest. People...
  17. skews13

    Lawsuits Being Prepared To Remove In God We Trust From Currency

    Addicting Info ? Lawsuits Being Prepared To Remove ?In God We Trust? From Currency ? Citing Religious Freedom One of the founding principles of the United States of America was to be free from religious rule. The Constitution itself reads, “Congress shall make no law respecting an...
  18. skews13

    In God We Trust: So In Which God Are We Trusting?

    Addicting Info ? ?In God We Trust? ? So, In Which God Are We Trusting? Here?s A List Of Possibilities The United States is a nation of many faiths, and even allows no faith to be worshiped at all. When “In God We Trust” is placed on our currency and buildings, it doesn’t represent a nation of...
  19. L

    Poll: Only 11% Trust Obama on Climate Change Claims

    Less trusted than Fox News, ouch! Americans trust Fox News over President Obama on climate change | People in the U.S. trust Fox News more than President Barack Obama when it comes to climate change, a new poll has found. According to the poll from St. Leo...
  20. L

    Hillary: Just Trust Me on This One

    Wow, even the Atlantic. Hillary Clinton's Press Conference on the Email Scandal: Just Trust Me on This One ? The Atlantic n her first public comments on a controversy involving her emails, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton answered questions from the press for 20 minutes, but her...