1. RNG

    Tucker Carlson turns on the Republican President

    From a Fox News program, of which there is a video in the link: Good for him. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/tucker-carlson-if-obama-said-ignore-due-process-we-would-have-denounced-him-as-a-dictator/
  2. Clara007

    Why Tucker Carlson is Finally Blasting Trump

    Fox News host Tucker Carlson has done a whole lot of devilish work to defend President Trump. As this blog has noticed, the nimble TV debater has used his highly watched program to belittle a whole range of Trump critics, all the while protesting that he was not defending Trump and his minions...
  3. Sabcat

    Tucker gets to the bottom of the Russia-Trump conspiracy

    I feel so much better now that we have finally gotten to the bottom of this. Also, I think that the guest speaker may be one of the posters on this very site!! Enlightening. https://youtu.be/jOq1xpqsIOw
  4. RNG

    Tucker Carlson replaces Big Bad Bill

    Seems he's lost his bowtie. Anyone watch? ?A one man gas chamber?: Here?s why neo-Nazis love Bill O?Reilly?s replacement ? Tucker Carlson
  5. Sabcat

    Teacher on Tucker

    Check this out!!! An educator goes on TV to talk about free speach. This is awesome. https://youtu.be/38_OUgPmPBQ
  6. Medicine Man

    Tucker Carlson; Victim Of Gray-Matter Evaporation??

    If this clown is ever fired, by Faux Noise, he's got NOWHERE ELSE TO GO!!! (....Not that that's a bad thing.)
  7. Medicine Man


    I would PAY to see the two-of-them take a good, ol' fashioned ass-kickin'!!! It'd be nice to make it a fair-fight, though. . . . . .