1. RNG

    The Republican President has a daytime twittertantrum

    He is really feeling the pressure. He goes on and on. It used to be just wee hour tweets but today in particular it's been ongoing for the full day. He's losing it.
  2. RNG

    The Republican President's twittertantrum 08/19,20/18

    Here we go. In the order posted, last tweet at the bottom: He is losing it. The panic is getting worse and worse. Can't you just feel the fear oozing from them?
  3. RNG

    The Republican President's Twittertantrum, 04-14/15-18

    Keep in mind, this is just one night. Between golfing, watching Fox and Friends and tweeting, it's no wonder he hasn't boned any porn queens lately, he's been too busy. No, Comey isn't in his mind. No, Mueller and Cohen aren't either. Another lie. You knew? Bullshit. Reaching further and...